Balika Vadhu 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 8th March 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Anandi (A) trying to escape from Ratan with Ganga’s kid (G). Ratan is running behind her warning her to stop. Ratan smartly takes another route which brings him in front of A. He fires a bullet but it dosn’t hit anyone. He demands his kid from A. He warns her that G also tried to escape with his kid but she (A) will not be spared and will be killed. This doesn’t scare A and she turns around when she sees teacherji with all the school girls approaching them with sticks. Ratan is scared seeing this and backs off. They gang up and walks towards a backing Ratan. Ratan warns them to stop or else he will pull the trigger.

They are still not afraid of Ratan and continue walking towards Ratan who is soon approaching a small cliff with water at its base. Ratan reaches the edge of it and slips falling down. Just before he falls he pulls the trigger at A. But she is saved from the bullet. Ratan on the other hand manages to hold onto a rock. The women run to see if Ratan is safe, where they see Ratan struggling to save himself and shouting for help. He begs A to save his life. A replies to Ratan saying that ts so strange that a person who was trying to kill her a few minutes ago is now begging her to save his life. She tells him that everyone has to pay for their bad deeds in some way or the other in this life itself. Its his own bad deeds that have brought him to this stage where there is only a small distance between life and death. He tourtured G for ages and snatched her kid from her fully knowing how difficult it will be for her to live without him or how the kid will live without his mother. Now when its time for him to bear the repercussions of his actions he expects compassion from A. Ratan yells saying that she can punish him in whatever way she wants but save him from dying. The girls tell A to not listen to Ratan’s pleas and leave there to die. A looks concerned and in thought.

Circuit house

Sachi is grumbling that Shiv (S) had promised her that he would come early from work and play carom with her, but she is angry that he has not returned yet. She tries to call S but his phone is out of coverage. She goes to the kitchen where Ira and Meenu are making some snacks. Ira asks her to try the snack she made. She explains that she thoguth of making a snack so that S feels refreshed after coming back from work and also that it will help A too. Sachi starts complaining about S. Ira tells her that S called informing them that he needs to attend to something urgently and hence will be back late. Sachi continues to complaint. They try to pacify her and ask her to spend some time helping them in the cooking. Sachi angrily replies that she feels nauseated in the smoky oil. they are disappointed hearing her reply. Ira asks her to look for S’s office number in the diary and call to find out when he will return.

Village outdoors

A tells the girls that if they leave Ratan to die there will be no difference left between him and them hence they should save him. She asks them to give their stoles to her. As A ties all the stoles together she tells Ratan that he has done alot of injustice to G by beating her, abusing her and treating her like a slave. He might be feeling really bad that after his repeated attempts G is not dead. She continues telling him that God only sides with people who are honest and good. It might be the good deeds of some of his loved ones that he is being saved today. Saying this she trows the tied stoles towards Ratan. The girls and A help pull Ratan up. Ratan comes to a safe landing when S and the police from Jaitser arrive and arrest Ratan. A tells Ratan that he has never learned to respect women but she hopes that from now on till his last breath he never forgets that a woman was instrumental in bringing him to this world and its also a woman who saved his life. He has taken a lot of advantage of a woman’s weakness but he needs to recognize her strength and learn to respect it. S is looking on when another jeep arrives. He asks the cops to take Ratan away. S walks towards the other jeep which just arrived where the rest of Ratan’s family and his brother-in-law (the police man) are present. He pulls ways the badges from the brother-in-laws uniform and angrily tells him that due to people like him all of the police force gets defamed and people loose their trust on the law and order system.

S tells the police to leave Ghanshyam as he also was a victim to Ratan’s torture. Ghanshyam thanks S and wishes him and A good luck. He tells them that they are doing a very noble deed by taking a kid to his mother. A asks Ghansyma to come with them to Jaitser and he agrees. S asks the police to take away Ratan and family.

In the next scene Teacherji tells the kids that when she decided to invite A as the chief guest of the function she was very sure that A was fully capable of this honour. But after that she did today, this honor looks too small. S feels proud of his wife and adoringly looks at her. Teacherji continues to tell them that once a person decides to do somethig nothing can stop them from doing it. Hence the saying “where there is a will there is a way”. She tells A that she is proud of her as she showed a new way inspite of her being A’s teacher. Everybody claps. Seeing S clap A feels all the more happy. Teacherji meets S and hopes that they both always work together towards helping others. She prays that God gives them all the strength to reach new horizons of success. She tells them that she is sure they need to leave to Jaitser soon so that they can give G her kid but she hopes they visit them when they have the time. S tells her that they will definitely come. A hugs teacherji and S-A touch her feet before leaving.


Injustice and fraud always takes the support of struggle and violence to bring hurdles in the way of truth. But the truth always wins.


Ira and Meenu are visiting the Singhs when Ira meets G. She is very happy to meet G. G touches Iras feet when Ira tells her that next time she need not touch her feet. G inquires why she should not do so since she doesn’t want to loose a chance of getting blessings from anyone. She doesn’t know who’s blessings may get her baby back to her. G then hears a baby cry and ecstatically runs towards the voice calling out to Mannu.

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