Balika Vadhu 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 8th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Alok scolding Saanchi and asks, how can you say that Anandi and Shiv can’t handle the kid. He says, what if adoption centre didn’t give the child to them. They will be hurt. Saachi says, I gave my perspective. I have done what I think is right. Anandi says, we took everyone’s opinion. Saachi says, I didn’t think of it then and asks her not to flow her in her emotional words. Alok asks her to stop her nonsense. Someone comes and gives the reports to Jagya. Jagya checks the reports and looks tensed. Dadisaa asks, what happened? Jagya says, It is Ganga’s reports and it is not good. Danger is increasing in her life. Baby’s weight is increasing but Ganga couldn’t able to hold the baby for long. Jagya is teary eyed. He says, I can’t bear if anything happens to her. Dadisaa consoles him and says, you are a doctor. You see miracles happening in your field. It will happen.

Dadisaa says, She has faith on Devimaa and Ganga. Dadisaa asks Jagya to go. Jagya says, I couldn’t face her and asks her to go instead. Dadisaa says she wants to see you now. She needs your love at this moment. You are her support which I am not.

Anandi says, you said that I am eager to bring the child. Shiv says, everything will be fine. Anandi asks, how? And says, what if Sonali ji wrote anything about Saachi’s remarks, then what? I decided about the kid’s name as well. Shiv says, we will meet the adoption centre and will explain them. Anandi says, it is our test for love. It will be my best gift if they agree to give Amol to us. Shiv assures her.

Jagya comes to Ganga. Ganga is looking at her growing tummy. Jagya and Ganga enter into their usual talk. Ganga asks him to get breakfast from Sumitra. Ganga keeps his hand on her tummy. Jagya feels the baby as it kicks. Ganga says, everyone will be very happy. Jagya says, you didn’t take your name as he will be eager to meet you before anyone else. You are a mother who wants to give him birth without thinking about your life’s danger. Jagya says, your baby will be more close to you than anyone else. Jagya and Ganga are emotional. Ganga says, will I be able to see my child. Jagya says, ofcourse. We have just started our life and there is a long way to go.

Someone knocks on the door at 6 am. Shiv wakes up and goes to open the door. Anandi follows him. Mahi comes in disguise of a postman and gives a parcel to them. Shiv asks, you are delivering at this time. Mahi handles the parcel. Anandi asks Shiv to open the parcel. Shiv opens it and finds the boxer. All the family comes and wishes them a very happy anniversary. Anandi and Shiv thank them. Daddu says, you made me proud. Shiv says, surprise is good as well. Daddu says, Mahi and Anoop is the mastermind of the surprise. Shiv asks for Mahi. Alok asks him to come inside. Saachi is irked and thinks I don’t want to involve in this stupidity. Saachi opens the door and asks Mahi to come inside. Mahi enters and wishes Anandi and Shiv. Anandi thanks him.

Dadisaa shows the clothes to Sumitra which Bhairov brought on her insistence. She says, this colourful saree for Meenakshi. Sumitra says, they will like it. Anandi might not be happy if she sees only me and her bapusaa. She might wants everyone to attend her anniversary. Dadisaa says, she is very understanding and matured.

Daddu is organising the decorations for Shiv and Anandi’s anniversary party. Ira and Meenu ask Shiv and Mahi to go somewhere as they have to prepare the laddoos. Anoop is also busy in the decoration. shiv and Mahi wonder where to go to have breakfast. Anandi laughs on him and says, go to the storeroom and eat. Anandi tells him that she is going to the orphanage. Shiv says, I am sure you will convince him. Sonali tells the warden that Saachi is against the adoption and I have to highlight this point in my report. warden says, Anandi and Shiv are very matured and positive people. Sonali says, we can’t ignore the fact. Anandi comes and hears everything.

Anandi requests them that it is Saachi’s thinking. We will take care of the child. Sonali says, I have to write in my report. Anandi is shocked. Nurse informs Dadisaa and gehna that Ganga is feeling difficultly in breathing. Nurse says, Doctor saheb isn’t picking the call. Dadisaa and Gehna are shocked..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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