Balika Vadhu 7th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 7th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagya confronting everyone about the child marriage. Basant says they did not know. The inspector says yes, they did it quietly as they know its illegal, as police gets to know about the marriages from printing press. Jagya says arrest everyone as they all are involved. Ganga says girl’ss mum is not at fault, as she called me to seek my help in stopping this marriage. Shamer Bhai looks on. Jagya says fine, don’t arrest her. The police arrests everyone else along with the groom. Shamer Bhai starts sweating being tensed. Aarti hugs her mum and cries.

Ganga looks at Shamer Bhai. Aarti’s mum thanks Ganga and falls on her feet. She says my daughter’s life is saved only because of you. Basant says you have to educate her to give her a good life. Ganga says it happened because of your strength. Rasika and Birjesh argue seeing Narendra come back and catching them red handed. She says if he goes to Shiv and tells him everything then. He says its your problem. She says he saw me with you. Brijesh and Rasika see Narendra crying. Brijesh asks are you thinking the same as I m. She says yes.

Jagya talks to the inspector and explains him about child marriage problems that he understands as he went through it. Rasika comes to Narendra. He says how dare you do this. She apologizes to him reminding him of their old moments, and asks him to come inside to talk to her. He says I won’t go there. She requests him and says its your house, please come. Narendra goes in and Brijesh attacks on him holding him from back and suffocating him. Dadisaa talks to Ganga and is happy with what she did. Ganga smiles. Dadisaa says you have saved an innocent girl’s life, but from next time don’t go alone. Ganga says I did not have time to tell anyone.

Shamer Bhai calls Jagya and acts sweet. He says I want to invite Dadisaa first. He talks to Dadisaa and says I need your blessings, I want you to come with your family. Dadisaa says congrats and we will come. Brijesh asks Narendra not to let the talk out and not tell Shiv anything. Rasika says Narendra to forget all this. Narendra does not agree and Brijesh and Rasika beat him. Narendra falls unconscious as Rasika hits him with a big vase. He falls. Brijesh says go and bring rope and tape, as we have to shut his mouth.

They seal his mouth and Birjesh asks her to bring his car fast. They put Narendra in the car and take him far. Rasika and Brijesh are on the way taking Narendra in the car. Rasika asks what will you do with him, tell me. Brijesh stops the car and buys kerosene. Rasika says tell me what are you doing. Brijesh drives and smiles. He says I will tell my news viewers that Narendra has blamed Shiv for Rasika’s rape and Shiv has fired Rasika from her job, and Narendra lost to him and burnt himself with kerosene. He says Shiv has been thrown out of his post because of this. Narendra tries to free himself.

Shiv gets Anandi’s call. He says I have some important work. Amol talks to Shiv and asks him to brinbg mangoes. Shiv says fine. Amol gets happy and goes to tell everyone. Anandi talks to Shiv. He ends the call.

Brijesh puts kerosene on Narendra and asks him to free himself. He burns him and Rasika is shocked. Narendra runs to Shiv for help.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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