Balika Vadhu 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

KB , AnSh room :-

Shiv comes in where A is making the bed , Shiv tells her to stretch her hand , A asks why ? Shiv makes her hand stretch , he plants a kiss . A withdraws and asks what was that ?

Shiv teases her that she didn’t had any problem when Palash did the same but in front of him she’s hesitating . A appears worried . Shiv asks her about it . A says that Palash is really strange and the way he looks makes her feel more strange .

Shiv makes her understand that as he is an artist , he has a different view from us about the world . Shiv also says how all girls were eyeing him at the party but he ignored all and A is so beautiful too plus Palash is a human too .

GH / KB :-

Palash calls Shiv to invite AnSh to dinner . Shiv is about to say no due to lack of time , Palash says we always have to save time and its in our hands to make an ordinary moment in to a special one . He adds that he will have to talk to A if Shiv refuses . Shiv chuckles and agrees .

GH :-

Next morning , there’s full halchal as Palash is busy doing all the arrangements . One staff member (Maybe Alan) comes and says the item for which he demanded isn’t available . Palash tells him to use flowers , Alan says but you don’t like flowers .

Palash is mad and says now the guests should be given priority . Alan asks why he’s giving such a dramatic response as just AnSh are coming for dinner . Palash is super mad and tells him to mind his own blo*dy business . But soon , he is being extra nice to him and says they both will go out for lunch .

(Sorry missed some part)

BH :-

DS is busy doing her homework while she tells Gehna to bring milk for NJ . J comes and says it seems that the atmosphere is serious now . He offers to help DS but DS refuses . Then NJ says he would like to pay the rent for the room in which he lives as the BH people already helped him a lot . Everyone are not so happy hearing it.


BH :-

DS says what makes him think like that ? NJ says its not that , the situation is different now , before he was helpless but now he’s fine and has a job as well . He requests her to accept his decision .

DS asks J about his opinion , J says he can understand how NJ is feeling and adds how everyone has great value for self esteem and self respect.
He says when NJ gets his 1st salary , they will decide the rent amount .
DS says Gehna that she’s still standing here when she must’ve brought milk for NJ . Gehna leaves .

GH :-

AnSh are welcomed by Palash . A gives a gift to him , he accepts and says he will keep it very carefully . Palash is being apologetic as he feels the arrangements are not that nice . A says its very beautifully decorated .
Shiv asks Palash that why he’s having juice today in place of alcohol .

Palash says he is trying to find out whether he can enjoy life without alcohol for not . Shiv agrees with him , then CM’s call comes , Shiv receives it and is seen standing away from A and Palash .

A keeps seeing him , Palash says it may take time as its CM’s call . He offers to show A his paintings . A agrees . They are in a different corner where there are many paintings . Palash narrates the story behind each painting . Palash catches her pallu hanging at the loose end but A doesn’t come to know .

He thinks that some time back A was a mere fragment of his imagination but today she is his dream which came to be true . But he knew that one day his imagination would come alive .


GH :-

Shiv finishes talking on phone , on the other side Palash is feeling A’s pallu . He hears Shiv’s footsteps . He leaves the pallu and starts talking about the painting . Palash says Shiv that he was showing A his painting as he was busy on phone .

AnSh go from there after Palash says he will join them in a moment . Palash feels his hand by which he caught the pallu . The next moment , the trio are having dinner . AnSh praise it . Palash says he’s glad that they liked the food .

Palash asks A whether anytime she thought of modelling . A asks why ? Palash says he have seen many beautiful faces but none had the radiant glow like hers which he wants to capture in his canvas permanently . A looks uncomfortable but Shiv flashes a big smile .


Kruti aur kartavya mein kalpana aur yathaarth ka samband hai . Ek sapna hai…dusra sach . moh mugd insaan soch hi nai pata , kiska varan kare ?

(Someone please explain me what it means Ouch)

Precap :-BH :- Gehna asks NJ why he didn’t married till now ? Didn’t he liked any girl ? NJ says he likes but didn’t said his feelings to her . Gehna says that she will help him and asks who’s she ? NJ stares her .

Update Credit to: Coolbie

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