Balika Vadhu 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 6th November 2013 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 6th November 2013 Written Episode

The episode starts with Saachi coming to Shiv and Anandi’s room and finds the envelope written by Shiv. She gets angry and recalls Meenu telling her about the inauguration. Meenu sees the box and opens to find the jewellery and her photos. She gets emotional. Mahi comes and says he is going? He sees her emotional and talks about his dead sister. Mahi too gets emotional and says Saachi is also his sister and her children will call her mama. He asks her not to cry and cheer up.

Saachi recalls Daddu, Shiv and Meenu’s words. She gets a call from her friend Ankita. She says she can’t talk as she is upset. Ankita asks what is the matter? Saachi says that once again Anandi makes her lose. She says that everyone went to attend Jagya’s reception and her own family ditched her. She says she can’t handle anymore and thinking to die. Ankita asks her to come home and says I will give you something which you solve your problem. Saachi agrees. Ankita looks at the bottle (may be wine bottle) and smirks.

Jagya asks Ganga to wear some dress at their wedding reception. Ganga says but our marriage had happened already. Jagya says he wants his reception to be extra ordinary and informal. He says Babusaa even agreed to his idea of reception. He gets close to her and explains the modern day reception. He says that the bride and groom kiss each other on the stage. Ganga says she is not comfortable. Jagya says that Babusaa even agreed and gives his go ahead. Ganga says she can’t do. Jagya says he is adamant and serious about it. Ganga feels he is joking. Jagya tells her that he will see the preparations and come.

Ankita serves the drink while Saachi is sitting sadly. Saachi asks,is this alright? Saachi says she didn’t touch the alcohol and her family too didn’t drink it. Ankita says alcohol is the best remedy/medicine in her testing time when nobody was there for her. She asks Saachi to drink it to face the world. She asks her to chill by having the drink. Ankita drinks the alcohol and asks Saachi to have it. Saachi hesitantly drinks it.

Alok comes back home and asks the servant about Meenu. He tells him that she is in her room. Meenu is still crying looking at her dead daughter clothes. Alok comes and asks, what she said to Saachi. He sees her crying and asks her to forget the past and flow with the present. Meenu says it is not in her hands. Alok asks her to take care of herself. Meenu says she is fine. Alok asks her, what she said to Saachi. Meenu says she told Saachi that everyone went for the school inauguration and she went to her room silently. Alok asks her to prepare her favourite dish. Meenu says she will prepare tea for them. Alok comes out of Saachi’s room and tells Meenu that Saachi is not in her room. Meenu wonders where she went?

Saachi gets drunk and says she forgot that her family went to Jaitsar for Jagya-Ganga wedding celebration. She says her family is not with her to see her pain. ankita asks her not to drink much. Saachi says Anandi have ruined her life. Saachi says she should go to Jaitsar to attend the celebration.

While everyone are rejoicing and happy with the celebration. Saachi(being the spoiler) comes and dances on the banjara tune. She tells Ganga that you have won and tells Jagya that she have small complaint with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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