Balika Vadhu 6th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhayram saying I won’t let you die bindni…I want to see you in pain and this is my motive. His sleeve gets burnt and he sets off the fire. Krish asks Nandini not to worry as nothing will happen to them. He tries to break the door and gets hurt. Nandini covers Krish with a blanket and comes out with him through the door. Nandini asks Krish if he is fine. Krish says yes. Nandini cries looking at the burning haveli. Krish looks at her burnt hand and says you have risked your life for me. Nandini says nothing is precious to me than you. She cries. Krish sees Abhayram’s reflection and wonders who is he? Nandini hugs him.

Sudha comes home. Premal says it seems you have cried a lot today and says if you cries well then we will get more offers. Sudha says it is difficult to become Rudaali. Premal says rudaali gets more money and asks her to show the money. Sudha says some goons were after me and says she was saved somehow. Premal says nothing would have happened and asks her not to give more importance to herself. He asks her to give money. Sudha takes out a bundle of notes. Premal says you have done a miracle, and is happy to see the money. Sudha says you don’t care for me and my feelings. Premal’s mum tells Sudha that Premal worries for her and asks her to go and rest. Sudha goes. Premal’s mum asks him to talk Sudha with love and says she can earn much money for us in future. Premal nods. His mum asks him to act good with Sudha. Premal nods.

Yamuna calls Sudha. Sudha says she is fine. Yamuna asks her not to hide anything from her. Sudha says she is having strange feeling. Yamuna asks her to go somewhere and says Nandini went for honeymoon. Sudha gets irked and thinks Nandini is celebrating for my misery. Abhayram comes home. Karuna sees his hand injured and makes him sit. Triveni asks if he has lighted someone house? Abhayram shouts at him and asks can you see my condition. Karuna asks him to bring first aid box. Triveni says nothing will happen to him. She is about to go, but just then sees Krish and Nandini coming there in a slightly injured state. Karuna goes to Krish and Nandini, and asks how did this happen. She sees Nandini’s hand badly burnt and asks what happened? Triveni asks what happened? Karuna gets teary eyes and says I am scared. Krish says we were sleeping and then…he tells everything. He says I am fine because of Nandini, else…..Triveni asks him not to tell anything. Karuna says even Abhayram’s hand is burnt. He smirks.

Nandini looks at him. Abhayram says I am fine. He asks are you fine? Nandini says did you know that saying…..Jaako Rakhe Saiya Maar Sake Na Koi….Triveni asks Abhayram, how did you burn your hand. Karuna asks where did you go? I was worried. Triveni asks him to tell. Abhayram acts and says one of my friend died and my hand got burnt while doing his last rites. Triveni says what did I say? He burnt his hand while burning someone dead body. Nandini says it happens sometimes. Abhayram says why we are discussing about this, and says I will bandage myself. He asks Karuna to take care of Nandini. Karuna says no, and says he will bring medicine. Abhayram refuses and goes. Nandini looks at him angrily.

Nandini looks at her hand and thinks about Krish seeing someone. She thinks Kundan is behind this fire. She thinks I can’t tell him, how to protect him. Dadisaa’s soul makes an appearance again and says I can understand your dilemma. She says fear is not the answer for your dilemma. She asks her to be fearless from langur. Nandini smiles. Dadisaa says what you will do now? Do something and teach him a lesson in his way. She asks her to tell everything to Krish. Nandini looks on.

Nandini says okay, I will tell everything to Krish. She tells krish that she wants to talk to him about Abhayram. Abhayram hears their conversation. Nandini starts telling krish about Abhayram. Abhayram gets angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. yippee………….finally this show is gonna end…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. All is good and fine. But where the hell are Jagya and Ganga? There’s got be some explanation na!

  3. Guys we wont get an answer where d old characters vanished n why… I was right like Madame Ekta’s serial kyun ki saaas bhi kabhi bahu thi was ended abruptly same way this serial will be slammed….. time to shut d serial

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