Balika Vadhu 6th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 6th December 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 6th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the goons coming to their boss bhai ji and informs him that they couldn’t find Pasha. Bhai ji slaps him and bashes them saying they are of no use. Some other goon comes and informs him that he came to know about the whereabouts of Pasha and tells him that he is in the hospital of MD Jagdish Singh. Bhai ji asks them to end Pasha soon. Ira looks at the envelope containing the flight ticket and recalls Shiv gifted them on their anniversary. She tears the tickets in anger. Saachi tells Ira to come on a long drive. Ira says we will go on some other day. Saachi says she will make tea for her. Daddu comes and sees the tear papers of the tickets. In the hospital, pasha is making sketch of pond. Jagya comes and praises his sketch. He says that pond is in Udaipur and asks

him whether he is from Udaipur. Jagya asks, how come you are here then and asks so many questions. He asks, why you looks scared. Pasha says, he understands everything but he don’t know anything about himself. He says I don’t remember anything. Jagya says atleast you are speaking with me and concludes that he might had an accident.

Ganga comes and puts the tika on Jagya forehead. Jagya says you body is very weak, how can you keep the fast. Ganga says she has eaten sabodana khichdi. Pasha asks her to put the tika on himself too. Ganga puts the tika on his forehead. Pasha thinks he have to do the acting of not knowing anything else they will kill him who have come from the sarhad/border ( It seems he is Anoop, Shiv’s father who has eloped from the clutches of enemies).He says this place is the safest place for him. He says sorry to Jagya. Read full genuine written updates daily with Pictures only on Daddu tells her to forgive Alok and not trouble herself. He says you both have shared 37 years of marriage. He says Alok was not wrong and asks, whether you could cope up with the loss of baby. You would have been shattered and we might have lost you. Alok and Meenu saved you. Daddu asks her to see the positive side of the aspect. You got a bundle of happiness as Shiv. You might have cried and blames God. He says you got atleast child’s love unknowingly.

Saachi comes and says this is unfair. She says relations have changed, until yesterday Shiv bhaiya was her son but not anymore. She is a aaya/servant for him. Daddu asks her to shut up. Daddu asks her not to involve in elder’s talk. Ira says she was saying the right. She says I loved him as my own son but he was not mine. I wanted to dedicate my life and everything to my own son, but I gave my love to someone else kid. She says she is Shiv’s caretaker. Daddu is shocked and asks, will her love for Shiv will decline after truth comes out. Shiv also listens this and gets disheartened. Ira says she don’t know and blames Alok and Meenu for her condition. She says they betrayed her and hide this from everyone. She says she don’t want how she would have handled the loss of a child but may be she would have accepted it. She says she would have accepted Shiv as meenu’s son. Daddu says, so you don’t want to come out from the past darkness. Ira says they have snatched her present.

Sumitra tells Bhairov that Bhairavi is smiliar to Gehna. Bhairov says jagya is like her. Sumitra pulls his leg and says your characteristics are not in Jagya. Bhairov says jagya has become like him now. Sumitra says Jagya and Ganga’s son will be very joyful. She gets sad thinking Ganga can’t give them a heir. bhairov says they might be hurt thinking about it and says no one can change destiny. He praises Ganga and says Jagya has become more responsible after she came in his life.

Daddu asks Meenu, whether Anoop knows about Shiv being his son. Meenu says those days he used to be very tensed as he was posted on border. She says, Alok and she have decided not to tell him anything. Alok says, we have thought to tell him later. Meenu says she was feeling guilty but then Mahi and Saachi was born. And then came the news of his death as a martyr. Daddu says Ira and Shiv are shaken with the truth. Alok comes to Shiv’s room. He sits and tells Shiv, whether he started hating him after knowing the truth. Shiv says he doesn’t hate him or anyone else. He says I understands why you have done this, but it will take time to come out of this. Alok apologizes him. Shiv says you shall not apologize. Alok leaves sadly.

Anandi asks him to talk to Ira as she needs him. She says Meenu also needs him. Ira asks Shiv to call Meenu as his mother. Shiv says no and says nobody can take her place in his life and she can’t give his place to anybody else. Both son and mother hug and cries..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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