Balika Vadhu 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 6th August 2013 Written Update

Dadisa wants to meet and give something to the nurse who delivered the baby. Jagya says, she left already. Dadisa asks for name. Gehna lies and says, Geeta… She came in a God avatar and helped a lot. Ganga smiles. Sumitra now thinks of giving this good news to Anandi.

Anandi is sleeping. She receives a call from Dadisa who tells her that she became an elder sister again. Anandi is very happy. Dadisa says, they will talk more later as it’s too late right now. Anandi expresses her happiness to Shiv. Shiv then tells her, don’t you think this is a wakeup call for us? They have 2 children now and we didn’t even give order for 1. Anandi feels shy. Shiv turns off the lights and they sleep.

Jagya tells family that they should leave Gehna alone for now. Sumitra says, I will stay here, but Gehna tells her to go home as well.. as she came from the function and she has to take Nandu to school as well in the morning. She says, only you can handle him after me. Dadisa agrees. Basant says, he will stay with her. Everyone sees the baby again before leaving. When Sumitra is leaving, Mannu takes his hand out, but Sumitra fails to see it as she turns to say bye to Gehna. Ganga notices it on last moment and she pulls Mannu’s hand back in.

Next day, Ira is talking about changes in Sanchi with everyone. She says, we never expected such changes in her.. and by bringing these changes, she proved that she is serious about going to Badi Haveli. Anandi says in her mind, maa is right.. I also saw changes in Sanchi, then why I don’t feel good about her relationship with Jagya? She now tells everyone that she has seen changes in Sanchi and she wants to help her as well so she can get settled in Bade Haveli. Ira hugs Anandi and says, I am happy that you understood Sanchi.. and I have full faith in you and don’t mind giving her responsibility to you. Shiv says, seems like good time has started for both families now.. Him and Anandi tell everyone about Gehna’s baby. Everyone is happy. Alok tells Daddu, you got another opportunity to meet Dadisa. Everyone laughs. Daddu eats sweet and says, another opportunity to eat sweets.

Mahi comes to Aashima’s house, but her house is locked. He asks a neighbor who tells Mahi that she left from here and went to Delhi to go back from where she came. Mahi says, she is going London without telling me?

Ganga is massaging Gehna’s leg. Gehna asks if her baby is fine and if she cried in night. Ganga says, she is with other babies and is absolutely fine.. We are taking very good care of her. Gehna asks if she can see her. Ganga says, sure.. I will take you to her.

Mahi is trying to call Aashima, but her phone is switched off. Mahi says, you could have at least given me one chance to tell you that what happened that night was love.

Anandi is talking with Dadisa. She apologizes Dadisa for getting angry at everyone other day. Dadisa says, you were not wrong..I am also sad because Ganga left.. but what could I do? The matter is like that that I could not stop Ganga despite wanting to. Anandi says, I really want to meet you all. I will tell Shiv to bring me to you all as soon as possible. Dadisa says, but don’t force him.. and it’s not good to come here again and again. You will have to come for naming ceremony and other ceremonies with your family anyways… so think of a good name.

Anandi is in kitchen. She tells servant, natthu, to change curtains. Natthu says, if iron lady, Chanda, brings ironed clothes. Anandi asks, she still didn’t come? I gave her clothes so many days ago. Natthu says, these people are like these only.. lazy when it comes to work. Anandi remembers Chanda telling her about her husband abusing her. Anandi tells Nathhu.. it could be that she is in some problem. Do you know where she lives? Natthu says, no.. but watchman might know as she lives in his area.

Sanchi calls Badi Haveli. Sumitra picks up. Sanchi expresses her happiness for Gehna’s baby. She does her sweet talks with Sumitra and then talks about Ganga. Sumitra tells her, Ganga left the house same day when Ratan Singh attacked. Sanchi gets happy and says, it’s such a good news for all of us.. now we can live without any fear. Sumitra says, yes.. and then says, I have put something on gas.. I will call you later. Screen freezes on Sanchi’s happy face.

Voiceover: Selfish people don’t care about others’ feelings and emotions.

Precap: Everyone is in hospital. Dadisa gives an envelope to Jagya that came on Ganga’s name. Jagya says, it’s notice from the court. Tomorrow there is hearing for her divorce and it’s important that she is present there. Dadisa says, this is very bad.. how will we inform her? Jagya says, I will do something. Sumitra says, what do you mean? How will you do something? Jagya says, I meant.. we will have to do something. Sumitra asks if he knows where Ganga is and if he met her? jagya is quiet..

Update Credit to: Shreya

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