Balika Vadhu 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini talking to Shankar and says that he don’t deserve to be called brother of anyone. Shankar asks his men to let the ambulance go. They move their vehicle and let the ambulance go. Shankar looks on. Nandini sits in car. Dr. Amit asks how did you get this wound? Nandini says I have slapped Shankar and that’s why got this wound. Dr. Amit asks don’t you get scared? Nandini says how can I break the oath which I have taken in the hospital. Dr. Amit says we will go now. He sees cockroach and hides his face. Nandini says it is just a cockroach and smiles. She says Dr. Amit Goel is afraid of cockroach. Dr. Amit nods his head. Nandini picks cockroach in her hand and says she has thrown it outside. Dr. Amit is relieved and asks her not to tell anyone. Nandini laughs and says I will just tell buddy. Dr. Amit laughs too.

Nandini comes home and sees Mr. Shekhawat and his wife tensed. Maa saa asks about wound on her forehead. Nandini says it is a small wound and asks about Premal’s dad. Mr. Shekhawat says he has some demands. Nandini says dowry….She says why you people are quiet. Maa saa says how we will manage the money. Nandini says it is wrong to take or give dowry. Sudha comes clapping for Nandini’s words. She says we all know that you like to give speech, but that doesn’t mean that you shall give speech everytime. She says you have accepted to be balika vadhu and that have spoiled my life. She says Premal’s parents are not asking dowry, but wanting help to make my life comfortable after marriage. Mr. Shekhawat says from where to get money? Sudha says you have given education to your daughter and asks them to think about her. Mr. Shekhawat says that he can’t bear Sudha taunts for Nandini, and asks her not to worry. Maa saa asks Nandini not to feel bad about Sudha’s words. Nandini says it is okay. She comes to room. Just then someone throws stone on the window. Nandini says who is there and comes out.

Shankar is seen hiding and looking at her. Nandini sees cake with candles kept there, and says Shivam happily. She gets tears in her eyes and picks the cake. She says where are you Shivam? She says I know you are near me, as nobody knows about my birthday except you. She asks Shivam to come infront of her and says we will cut cake together. She says I asked you to go and took so many years to search you. Please come infront of me, I will apologize to you. She goes inside cryingly. Shankar thinks the more you try to search me, I will go far from you, you will never know that Shankar is actually Shivam, and I will never come infront of you….Nandini. Nandini brings cake inside, and tells Anandi that Shivam proved that he is fine. She promises that she will celebrate next birthday with Shivam.

Krish is resting on a park bench, while the song Rehne ko ghar nahi plays…….He thinks he will get a home, and thinks to get dollars withdrawn from bank. Sudha feels vomiting sensation and runs to washroom. Nandini asks her to open the door and asks if she is fine? Sudha comes out and says she is fine. Nandini gives her medicine. Sudha taunts her and goes. Mr. Shekhawat tells his wife that he will mortgaged his printing press for Sudha’s marriage. Nandini says we should not promote this dowry thing, and says she can bear the marriage expenses and will talk to Premal’s parents about dowry. Mr. Shekhawat agrees. Nandini says I will manage to get money within 2 months. Mr. Shekhawat and his wife get happy and praises her.

Nandini comes to the bank and applies for loan. Bank employee asks her to come after two days and says you can’t get loan as you joined work recently. Nandini thinks from where to get the money and prays to God. She gets Krish’s call and he asks her to return his phone right now. Nandini asks him to get the phone where he had thrown it. He says okay. Nandini thinks she will meet the stranger today.

Maasaa shouts. Nandini asks what happened? She introduces her to their new tenant Krish Raj. Nandini looks on surprised. Krish catches the rat.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Why shivam hates Nandhini and why Nandhini told to go away from her

  2. Omg….earlier anandi looking for nandini from long time…at that instance anandi knows about her daughter but not revealed truth because of some reasons…. Finally got nandini but not spent her life to her children’s….

    And now Shankar/shivam know the truth of nandini but not revealed because of reasons we don’t know.that may be upcoming twists….started dragging again…

    Dadida, anandi, disa roles are ended but wr is jagadidh, ganga, mannu puja pair…

  3. Yes,why does Shivam not want Nandini to know him?

    1. Because he is afraid that Nandini will be disappointed if she comes to know that he is a lawbreaker.

  4. Bhalai ka Zamana hi nahi hai…wo Anand jisne sari life balika vadhu ko bachane me Nikal di, uski khud Ki beti bhi chheen li,husband ko maar dia…Phir khud use bhi marna pada…..Ab nanadini, jisne shivam ko bachaya…Ab wo suffer karegi poor serial me….Phir kahin se Kundan aa jaega villain banke…use kuch nahi Hua hoga ..theek thak jee raja hoga…
    Kalyug hai kalyug!!

  5. This serial is not the same now.
    Original Writer of Balika Vadhu & Original Director of Balika Vadhu left the serial just before the leap. They had different story for the leap, but the new writer changed the serial totally even the end before the leap was planned differently.

    1. if it is so then then the new writers are better than the early ones…

  6. Now a days balika vadhu is getting better and better….iam loving it…but i dont want kkrish in it…ionly love dr. amit….i love avinash…but i know he wont be the love side of will be a triangular love story…i dont want amit to get disappointed for not getting nandini…it will be a one side love… i know 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 ;(

  7. Even if they are new writers also they should keep track .before leap nandini &shivam are intelligent kids they know address of where they resided.jagya&ganga loves them lot.suddenly after falling in to water they forgot everything. 2016 superb joke.i stopped watching serial.only written update

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