Balika Vadhu 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dadisaa telling Anandi that they shall go out and have something. Anandi asks did you talk to Ganga. Dadisaa says she will ask. Jagya says he thought about it and realized that there is nothing wrong if Mannu meets Ratan Singh. Ganga is shocked. Jagya says we shall explain to Mannu that we will be his parents forever. He shall know about Ratan Singh. What do you think? Ganga agrees hesitantly. Anandi and Dadisaa hear them. Ganga asks him to answer for her questions. She asks can you tell Shivam about Nandini. Can you tell him that he has twin sister too. If Anandi is ready to inform the truth to Shivam then I will also inform Mannu about Ratan Singh. Anandi and Dadisaa are shocked. Jagya says it is Anandi’s right to inform Shivam. We shall not interfere. Ganga says Anandi doesn’t have any right in their matter. They start argument again. Jagya asks her not to start again. Ganga says Anandi apologizes to me regarding this matter. She tells that Anandi deliberately met Ratan Singh. Jagya asks what? Ganga says Anandi realized that she has done wrong. Anandi is shocked and hurt. She goes to her room. Dadisaa looks shocked too.

Nimboli tells Kamli that Akhiraj made Gopal leave after scolding him. Kamli says how can Gopal leave without seeing me. She looks outside the window and sees security men. Gopal comes on the cycle while covering his face with a cloth. Kamli sees him and cries. Gopal asks her to take care and not worry. He promises to marry her. Kamli gets emotional. The security asks him what is he seeing? Gopal makes an excuse. Kamli tells Nimboli that Gopal is asked to leave by the security.

Anandi thinks about Dadisaa’s words. She thinks about Ganga’s changed behavior. She thinks about Abhi’s hatred towards Shivam. She recalls Ganga accusing her infront of Jagya.

Dadisaa comes to Anandi. Anandi says she did a mistake and doesn’t know about Ganga’s hatredness towards her. She says it is good for me to shift from here. She asks Dadisaa to let her go with Shivam. Dadisaa makes her sit and says I know you are hurt. Anandi says I forced Ganga to think about it. Ganga is bahu of this house and wife of Jagya. She asks please let me go from here and folds her hand. Dadisaa says you thinks about everyone, but what about me. Did you think about me? How can I let you go from here. She says I had promised your inlaws to take care of you. Anandi says I wants to end the differences. We will handle Shiv Niketan like before. She tells that Abhi will think that her love is for him only. She says her decision is right. Dadisaa looks on and agrees. She says I won’t stop you from going. Anandi looks at her emotionally. Dadisaa asks her to go. Anandi hugs her and cries.

Harki welcomes the ladies. A woman says that she mixed the mehendi. Harki looks for Nimboli. Nimboli hides. Kamli looks at the hand kerchief and cries thinking about Gopal. She thinks she can’t get someone’s mehendi on her hands. She asks him to take her from there and cries. Nimboli calls her and says Harki is coming to take you for mehendi rasam. She says Gopal would come surely. I will help him come here. Kamli says she will do something.

Disa gets in Devi avatar and applies mehendi on her hand. She dances in her room. Chagani looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I want kundan and nimboli to hv a relationship…

    1. R u really mad…frm dat day u r telling d same thing…i thought u r a gud girl.
      An understanding girl…bt no i was wrong

      1. I want them to show how a small girl is suffering from those kinds of relationship… Whn they marry at small age… Even some small girls die though pregnancy… If balika vadhu is showing abt child marriage thy should show Tht too… HOW A GIRL IS SUFFERING WHEN SHE IS MARRIED AT SMALL AGE… Wht do you think??

    2. Hmmmmmm…bt she is just a kid..after she become 16 years then they can show…

      Bdw nice meeting u.. u study in which class

      1. After 16 it is not a child marriage story… I want the story to show hw a child is suffering… At least then thy might stop child marriage…

  2. 12th… Thanks you too…

    1. Ya but ppl will think u as wrng ryt…u r frm tamil or wat

      1. Y should people think I am wrong..

  3. U both r frendz or wat

    1. Y asked

    2. Yeah… We r friends.. Balika vadhu fan friends…

  4. Ya they should have a relationship

    1. Hmmm…

  5. Looks like dhivya has undergone this kind of relationship. Rt, dhivya?

    1. Might be… If I have married when I was a child… And got a husband like kundan…

  6. Hmmm, now I get Divya’s point. Not all the child marriages relations go smooth and families don’t keep them separate before certain age. There are lots of child marriages in which the girls were forced to have relationship with husband even they are very young and get pregnant then later often die due to bad health and continuous torcher. If this show will raise this issue then viewers get real message why not to do child marriages.

    1. Thank you for understanding wht i was trying to say…

  7. Don’t u think this kamli n gopal thing is just dragging a bit long ?? Pls reply

    1. Yeah…

  8. Ya Roma is right but nandini is very young so they might not be showing this.. n then she might meet AnandI and then they wouldn’t show that relationship at all.. I just hate kundan !

  9. there are girls like nimboli. but doesn’t mean that this problem should be highlighted. and what will be the impact on the kids who watch these serials bc of their moms? do v want them to look at girls only for the sake of lust? There are many crime patrol serials which u can watch for this kinda stuff. instead, don’t spoil a clean serial. this serial shows women empowerement not only their majboori..

    1. This serial is abt child marriage… Against it… So thr should be a massage… Children knw Tht he is a bad guy… Don’t children watch tom and jeury but thy don’t behav like Tht… Thy can feel wht is wrong…

  10. no point in arguing with u bc I feel that you have suffered from such a relationship. Tom and jerry is for kids and they don’t show any lust in it. And yes, I have seen kids behaving like tom or like the character which they like. But tom is different from kundan. They will soon realize that tom is a fiction. but character of kundan and nimboli is not fictious. the younger gen is more into lust, I feel.

    1. Y can’t you understand what I am trying to say?? Ur r only thinking abt lusty feeling… I am talking about child marriage…

  11. U don’t get the point of this story… U only want the main character to be happy… This story is about hw a child is suffering because of child marriage… If the story go like the way u say thr won’t be a point of this story…
    U will only see hide and seek game of anandi and akhijak…

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