Balika Vadhu 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Reporter giving the info to the viewers that reports have come for LP Shrivastav’s DNA test and says will it prove that Shakti is his son. Doctor says he wants to show something and shows the CCTV footage wherein LP sent the bribe through his servant to him. Then he gets a call from LP asking him not to write his name in the DNA report. Doctor tells the media that Jagya was well aware that LP Shrivastav will do such a thing and that’s why installed the CCTV camera. He says we have deposited the bribed money in the hospital advancement. He says this DNA report is true and says this report proves that LP Shrivastav is Shakti’s biological father. LP gets shocked while Kusum takes a sigh of relief. Dadisaa tells her that you have won. Kusum thanks him. Media tells that LP’s polical career has ended as he is thrown out of his party. LD gets angry and breaks the TV set.

Anandi, Shiv and Amol come to the orphanage to meet his friends. Amol’s friends give him the sketches as gifts and say they miss him. Amol tells them that he is walking because of his parents. He enjoys pani puri and icecream with his friends. He have a good time with his parents and friends. Alok tells Meenu that his client had given him organic grains and asks her to make something for Khazan ji. Anandi says she will make Khichdi for Bapu and everyone so that she remains active.

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Subhadra sees Anandi making khichdi for Khazan ji. She asks her. Anandi says she is making spiceless khichdi. Subhadra says one have to be active during pregnancy. Anandi cooks the khichdi. Servant informs Anandi that Daddu is calling her. She goes. Subhadra comes to the kitchen and mixes black pepper powder in it. She thinks I will see until when he will stay here. Anandi comes back and serves the khicdi on the plate. Meenu says she will give and asks her to rest. Subhadra smirks. Media congratulates Jagya and gives him credit for Kusum’s win. Jagya says it is her win. Kusum says she is feeling complete and happy now as the truth is out now. She says now it has proved that my son’s father is Shrivastav’s child. Now no one will raise a question on his identity. Shrivastav comes there.

Media asks him to tell something. Shrivastav apologizes to the media first. He then apologizes to Kusum and says he is ashamed of his doings. He wants to accept her and Shakti with full respect. He asks can you give a last chance to this relation and folds his hands. Kusum tells him that she wants a good upbringing for her child. She says she can’t forgive him and it is not in her hands to forgive him. She can’t trust him. She refuses to accept his proposal. Jagya says I hope you got a reply. Shrivastav stares her angrily.

Anandi checks the khichdi and thinks she didn’t add spices in it. She questions Subhadra. Subhadra accepts to have added the spices.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Subhadra needs to be thrown out. Evil lady how long she will mix poison and will try to harm Anandi and her father!

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