Balika Vadhu 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 5th April 2013 Written Update

Badi Haveli

Anandi (A) comes looking for Jagya (J) in the store room where she sees him sitting down. She walks upto him when J wonders how she has not left yet. A tells him that she cannot leave without meeting him and she asks him why he left from the function. J replies that sitting in the store house he was remembering the time when the kid A was locked in the store room by Dadi sa (DS) and A was calling out to him. They show flashes of the old scene. J then says that even today A called out to him but the difference is that today A is outside the room and is free while he is sitting alone in the darkness. A replies that J has brought this darkness onto him because he is still living in his past and not letting go off it. She says that she has long forgotten those memories and its was only then that she could become the daughter of the haveli. She tells him that it will be good for him if he also forgets those memories or else even if the doors of the room are open he will never be able to free himself. She asks him to try looking out of the darkness of his mind where he will find himself surrounded by brightness. Saying this A turns and walks out while J follows her down to the living room. They walks upto one of the family photos in the living room when A exclaims how beautiful the picture is where the whole family looks so happy. She asks him to look at the old J in the picture who looks so happy among his family. She tells him that he has now returned to his family and hence he needs to become the old loving J that he once was to his family. She asks him if he wants to get back that happiness to his family again? Saying this she tells him that he should get married.
Anandi blames Jagya for always think about himself.

A continues to tell J that he should think about what would be going on, on his parents minds seeing their only son lonely and sad. They have seen so many dreams of his future one of which is seeing J settled with his family. DS’s dream of (climbing the golden ladder to heavens) attaining salvation will not be fulfilled. She asks him to think about himself too and if this loneliness doesn’t bother him and if he doesn’t feel the need of having a settled life? She explains that a life without a life partner is like a ship in the rough seas. Life cannot be lead the way he is leading it and everyone wishes him good due to which they have been asking him to get married. She asks him to agree as a last wish from her and as a gift on her bidaii. She says if not for her atleast for the happiness of the family he should agree. She says that she wants to leave seeing the family happy and relaxed and she asks him to agree to this wish of hers. J looks at the family picture and walks away. A follows him requesting him to agree for the sake of his family. She asks him to give them a chance to breath a sigh of relief after a life long struggle. She says that Ds always stood by him even when he was wrong and fulfilled all his wishes because he was dear to her. So now isn’t it his duty to fulfill her wish too? She continues to say that his parents have spent sleepless nights worrying about him so isn’t it his duty to let them rest in peace now? J angrily says “NO”. He says that he is ready to fulfill any responsibility expected from him but he cannot do what she is asking him to do. He says that just to fulfill his parents wish he cannot spoil the life and dreams of an innocent girl. A asks him why does he have this fear that he will spoil another girl’s life since it is not necessary that history will repeat it self. She asks him to atelast agree to which J asks her why should he agree? Only for his family’s wish? what about his own wish? Doesn’t he have the right to live happily? He tells her why she cannot understand that he is happy in the state that he is and has no regrets from life. Why is everyone after him and not leave him in his state. A tells J that he has always been self centered and worried about only what he wants. When he felt close to someone he spoke nicely to them and when he could not agree with someone he kept them at bay. He brought a second wife home and then he was surprised why the family did not want to accept his choice and be a part of his happiness. When he was fed up of Jaitser he left to Mumbai and when he returned he returned only to make himself feel less guilty. He also asked her to forgive him so that the family could forgive and accept him. She says that whatever decisions he has taken till now in anger or haste was all taken with only one person’s happiness and importance in mind i.e he himself.

A continues to tell J that even if any of his actions made some one happy whether it was her or Gauri or his family it either happened unknowingly or by a coincidence and that too only when he wanted to something for his happiness. She wonders why she did not realize this earlier since she was under the impression that he has started valuing his family and that’s what brought him back. She tells him that even today the family is not asking anything for themselves but only for him and to see him happy. But why should he agree since he is not going to get any happiness from accepting his family’s wishes. She tells J that she is leaving with a burden in her heart that she could not do anything for the family who gave a new direction to her life. She says that it doesn’t matter since they have become very strong after facing so many difficulties, they can face this too coz now they are helpless. She hopes he realizes one day that by giving happiness to others one’s own life gets filled with happiness and peace of mind which no treasure of the world can provide.

Saying this she walks away. J calls out to her and tells her that if she is disappointed that she could not give the family happiness and peace of mind only because J did not agree to get married, then he is ready to get married. He says that he knows she has done a lot for the family and he cannot see her leave with this burden in her heart and full of sadness. He says that if she wants him to get married he will agree but he has a condition. He tells her that she will choose his life partner for him. Hearing this A is very happy. He says that she is not a part of his life but at least her choice can be a part of his life.

A then tells J that if at all at any corner of her heart she had any complaint against him, today even that has gone. She thanks him and they shake hands before she leaves.

Outdoors in the village

A comes running to the place where every one is waiting to see them off. She runs to DS and tells her that J agreed to get married. An overwhelmed DS tells everyone that the thing they left hopes from, A made that possible and she declares that A has made J agree to get married. Everyone is happy and Sumitra and Bahirav hug her. DS appreciates A and S by saying that they have fulfilled all their responsibilities as a family member. She hugs them and wishes them good. Finally the episode ends…

Voice Over
Having gratitude towards a person who has done a favor on someone is the biggest virtue of a human being. This becomes evident from a persons body language, words and eyes.


Same as yesterdays…A-S arrive at Udiapur
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