Balika Vadhu 4th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 4th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Palash turning to see Anandi’s face and thinks it is impossible. He thinks how can his Venus be here. He thinks his search have ended as his Venus is right infront of her. He looks at her carefully. Anandi comes to him. Palash gets surprised and keeps on staring at her. He thinks she is same as his imagination. He thinks this is my Venus. He says sorry to everyone. He tells that he knows someone who have the same face as hers. Shiv says, I am sure that girl’s name is not Anandi and her husband’s name is not Shiv. Palash says yes. Shiv introduces them. Palash gives his hand. Anandi hesitantly shakes hand with him. Palash tells her sorry. Subhadra says, their Indian tradition is best. Ira goes to serve the dinner.

Palash looks at the variety of dishes and says you all would have spent a day in the kitchen. Subhadra tells him that Anandi cooked all the dishes as they didn’t know about his preference. He says, he will taste all the dishes. He eats and praises its taste. He thanks Anandi for the wonderful food.

Teacher comes to Dadisaa’s haveli. Dadisaa gets tensed and asks her to sit. Gehna asks about her purpose of visit. Teacher complains them about Nandu and says he is not doing his homework regularly. Gehna tells her that Nandu is doing his home work properly. Teacher tells that something happened to him. Dadisaa tells her that he started understanding his responsibility since his father’s dead. Teacher says, I hope that he will come out of it soon.

Palash tells Anandi that he needs tea. Anandi says I have to go now for my NGO work and says sorry. Palash thinks what I will do if you leave. He says, I was just joking. I have to go now. Alok tells him that Ira makes good coffee. Palash thanks them and says I can’t tell you what I got here. He leaves.

Niranjan and Nandu are playing carroms. Gehna comes and scolds him for not completing his home work. Nandu says, he completed it. Gehna scolds him and asks him to do the homework now itself. Niranjan says, it is my fault. I should have asked him if he have done his homework. He holds himself responsible for it and offers to teach Nandu. Nandu says, let him teach me. Gehna asks Niranjan not to worry. Niranjan insists. Nandu goes to bring his book.

Saachi pampers Vivek and serves him food. Vivek says, he likes to be fit. Saachi thanks him for forgiving her. Vivek says, I can’t get angry with you for long. She serves him more food. Saachi’s phone rings. Vivek looks at it. Saachi asks him not to worry about the phone call as she will attend the call later.

Palash comes to his room and looks at the painting Venus. He acts possessive and tells her it seems strange that I met you on this dussera day. It is a coincidence. Today we met each other. You are just mine. I have to win you just like Ram won Sita and made Ravan lose. I realized that I am your Ram, you are my Sita and Shiv is the Ravan. I have to fight with him and do his dahan to get you. I am upset why I didn’t see you before. We can still be together. We are born to be one. He throws his phone in anger when it starts ringing. He says, oh my Venus………

Palash invites Shiv and Anandi to his guest house for dinner. He plans to kill Shiv and kisses the painting.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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