Balika Vadhu 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts after the leap of 11 years. Anandi is seen teaching judo to kids in the Shiv Niketan, Gurukul. She tells them that they have only one chance to face the challenge. A woman comes and says news is true. Anandi turns and says even we are ready. A girl child is getting married to a man. The women come there to stop the wedding. The man asks them to leave. Anandi enters the scene and yells at the man for trying to marry a small girl. She asks how dare you to think you can marry infront of Bachpan Rakshak Sena. She slaps him and says she won’t give him a chance to ruin the girl. She threatens him and the women beat him with lathis. The Police arrives the scene and arrests the culprits involved in the crime. The girl asks Anandi, where you will take me. Anandi tells her that she will take her to new home, Shiv Niketan, where small girls like you stay there. She says you will start a new life for a new beginning. She says you can build your future. She asks will you come with me. The girl nods in a yes. Anandi opens the ghatbandan and takes out garland from her neck. She holds the tiny hands of the girl and proceeds towards Shiv Niketan with the women in two.

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Dadisaa tells Jagya that both of them fight like enemies. Jagya says don’t know why they fight. Ganga says they are inseparable. They were talking about Abhimanyu and Shivam. Anandi comes and asks where are they? Abhi and Shivam come there fighting for a ball. Jagya asks him to return the ball to Shivam. Abhi throws the ball asking Shivam to catch. Jagya asks what is this misbehavior? Dadisaa asks them to look at their photo and says you look good being together. What do you get by fighting. Jagya laughs. Anandi asks what happened to you. Jagya asks her to see Shivam’s moustache of color. Ganga asks why you were laughing. Jagya reminiscences his childhood with Anandi and tells that she made moustaches on his face with color in childhood. Abhi says his habits are like his mum. Dadisaa says the same. Anandi looks on.

Nimboli/Nandini is introduced. She tries to make moustache on Kundan’s face. Choti Se Umar……title song plays while her face is revealed. She smiles as she makes moustache on his face. She laughs.

Dadisaa tells Jagya that Anandi should not get upset. Jagya says he behaves same with Abhi and Shivam. He says he cares for Abhi being his father and he behaves same with Shivam. He says he feels pain for Shivam and tries to become his father figure. Dadisaa nods. Panditji comes and says he came for the holi preparations. He asks her to tie the thread to the children. Anandi takes it. Dadisaa asks Anandi and Ganga to go with Jagya as her legs are paining. Anandi offers to stay with her. Dadisaa says no. Jagya says lets go. They go out for holi ka dahan. Jagya, Ganga, Anandi and all do the puja.

After the puja, Anandi comes back to her room and looks at Nandini’s pic. She says she has faith that one day she will find her. She says then I will give you all my life which I couldn’t give you until now. She kisses on her photo frame and keeps the holy thread with her photo. Shivam comes and asks Anandi about Amol. Anandi tells Dubai is very far. It is not possible for him to come frequently. Shivam misses Amol. Anandi says Abhi and Mannu are your brothers too. Shivam says he likes Mannu, but not Abhi. Anandi says you can’t live without Abhi, but fights too. Shivam promises not to fight with Abhi on holi day.

Nimboli is seen running out of the room and hugging a woman. Kundan’s sister asks her about Kundan. Nimboli says she made arrangements for him. Kundan wakes up and asks Nimboli to make tea for him. He asks her not to add neem in it and calls her bitter. Everyone laugh seeing his moustache. Kundan says I don’t tell you because. Everyone laugh silently. Kundan asks what happened. Akhira Singh and his wife come there. They see Kundan and asks what did you do? Kundan asks what? Kundan’s sister shows his face in the water. Kundan gets surprised to see the colored moustache. Nimboli laughs. Kundan follows her. Nimboli hides and then throws color on him. Kundan gets angry and runs behind. She goes to a room and looks at the water color bucket. Disa enters instead of Kundan and the water bucket falls on her. Everyone get shocked to see her drenched in colored water. Akhira Singh is shocked. Kundan scolds Nimboli and tells you did it intentionally. Nimboli nods no. Akhira Singh scolds her for coloring his bhabhi saa. Kundan smirks. Akhira Singh raises his hand to slap her. Disa protects Nimboli. Nimboli is in tears.

Nimboli tells Disa that when Bapusaa slaps her, she feels pain in her ears and when Maa saa slaps her then she doesn’t feel pain. She asks her to slap and see. Disa pats on her tummy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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