Balika Vadhu 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 4th December 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 4th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the flashback scene where Alok congrats Ira for giving birth to a beautiful child. Ira tells the baby that he has given her a new life. She tells the baby about Meenu going to be a mother. Alok recalls about Meenu. Ira asks about Meenu’s delivery. Alok tells her that Meenu had a daughter but she died before her birth. Ira is shocked and cries. She asks him to take her to Meenu. Ira says Meenu needs her and asks him to take her to Meenu. Alok says he will bring the stretcher. Meenu is recalling the recent happenings and crying a lot. Ira comes to Meenu on the stretcher. Meenu looks at the baby which she has given to Ira. Ira says she can feel her pain as she had two miscarriages. She tells her that this boy is not only mine but yours too. She asks her to love her

baby as she wishes to love her own child. My son will have two mothers like Krishna bhagwan. He will call you Choti maa and not Chachi. Meenu cries listening to her words. Ira asks her to take the baby in her arms and feels the motherly love. Alok gives the baby to Meenu. She hugs him and cries. Flashback ends.

Back to present, Saachi thinks Shiv bhaiyya is not her own brother where as Mahi thinks Shiv is his own brother. Saachi hugs her mother and comforts her. Shiv is shattered by the truth. Ira gets Dadisaa’s call. She greets her for her anniversary. She asks, how many years have passed of your marriage. Dadisaa blesses her and gives the best wishes. Ira thanks her and goes to her room. Alok tries to talk to her but in vain. Daddu asks Alok, what you had done? Alok asks, you are blaming me? Daddu says, I know you were helpless, you might have inform her later then she would not have got shocked. He asks, why you didn’t tell me anything. He tells Meenu that he always appreciated her but now he has even respected her a lot because of her sacrifice.

Alok says I thought Ira can’t handle it. I was surprised to see how Meenu cope up with the situations. Shiv says he can’t believe. Alok tells Shiv to try to understand and says he would fear that storm will come if anyone knows about it. Shiv says storm have come and entangles the relations. Alok says I know storm have come but it won’t effect our relations. You will be my son always. Shiv goes inside. Alok cries miserably. Daddu tells him that storm was hidden since 30 years and it will effect as it have come in open. Everyone feels shattered while the song Rishte Naate….plays in the BG.

Alok comes to Ira who is crying with the revelation. He tells her to understand as he did it for her, for her happiness and life. He says he don’t have any other reason. Ira says but you hided it from me for 30 years and I can’t accept this. What you have thought you will give Meenu’s son to me and I will be happy to love him. What you have thought I will be happy. I got motherly love in charity. she asks him to leave.

Dadisaa tells Ganga that she recalls her of Anandi. Dadisaa is speaking about Anandi, Ganga excuses herself on the pretext of Mannu and goes to vomit. Ira tells Alok that it is not possible for her to share the same room with him and goes out. Anandi sees them and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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