Balika Vadhu 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ganga telling Dadisaa that she is just a nurse for Gauri. Shivani introduced her as a nurse. She doesn’t know what to say. Dadisaa asks, who gave the right to Shivani to hide the truth. Ganga asks her not to raise the issue. Dadisaa says, why she hide that you are Jagya’s wife. Jagya says, you are right, but…..Just then they see Shivani standing at their door step. Shivani enters. Dadisaa asks her, why you didn’t introduce Ganga as Jagya’s wife.

Shivani says, I didn’t mean to insult Ganga. It was unintentional. I hide the truth from Gauri to safeguard her. She apologizes to Ganga and says Gauri is her dear friend. She saw her facing lot of problems and felt her pain. She even forgot Jagat. I couldn’t imagine that. She requests them not to tell Gauri about Ganga being Jagya’s wife. Jagya refuses saying the truth will shake Gauri if she comes to know later. He refuses. Ganga says, she is our patient. It is our duty to help her until she recovers. Jagya asks, what do you mean? Shall we agree for Shivani’s sayings.

Ganga says yes. Jagya says, we are giving best treatment to Gauri. What you are saying is very complicated. Dadisaa agrees with Ganga. She says, Ganga has full faith on you. She asks him to feel proud of her thinking. Dadisaa tells Shivani that they agree to her request. Shivani thanks them.

Saurabh opens the door and sees Saachi. Vivek asks him to close the door. Suman says no. She asks Saachi to come inside. She asks, why did you come here? Our house is closed for you. Saachi tells her that she came to invite them for her Daddu’s birthday. Suman says, it means you didn’t inform them. They should have come to invite them. Saachi requests them to come. Suman asks her to tell about her break up with Vivek to Daddu. Saachi asks Saurabh to convince Suman. Saurabh tells her to wait as he will come and talk to her in 5 mins. Saachi messages Vivek. Vivek messages Saachi.

Vivek tells Saachi that Saurabh is convincing them to attend the party and asks her to say yes to Saurabh. He says, we won’t get a better chance to expose him than this. Saachi says, will it end here. Vivek says, I can understand your pain. You have to show strength and do as I say. Saurabh comes there and tells Saachi that he will convinced his family but what I will get in return? Saachi asks, what do you need? Saurabh says, he wants them to be together for few hours. Saachi refuses to accept his condition. She asks, how can you think I will give my respect to you.

Saurabh says, what if I return your marriage, your Vivek to you? Just spend few hours with me, and spend rest of your life with Vivek. He asks her to come with him for few hours. He asks her to decide. Saachi feels disgusted. She thinks how to agree to his cheap demands. Saurabh says, your respect matters a lot to you. I think I shall leave. Saachi says she is ready. Saurabh says, you saved yourself. Tomorrow Kabra’s will reach your party and you will return to Vivek’s life.

Daddu gets Dadisaa’s call. Dadisaa wishes him happy birthday and prays for his well being. Daddu thanks her. He says, everyone is busy in the celebration. Dadisaa asks him to enjoy the celebration. He says, very soon we will celebrate together. Dadisaa asks him to congrats Hardik and Gulli.

Jagya asks Gauri, where did her parents go? Gauri says, they went to a temple with Shivani. She says, something is bothering me very much. How will I look after removing this bandage? Jagya says, he talked to his friend and he studied her report. He said that the scars will be there on her face and suggested plastic surgery. Jagya says, they don’t have any other option. Gauri says, she is ready. She says, she wants her surgery to be done in Mumbai and asks him to take her there. Jagya says, he talked to that doctor and he is in Jaitsar right now. He will be doing her surgery tomorrow. Gauri holds his hand thanking him. Jagya says, no need of thanks. He turns and sees Ganga standing. Ganga sees them holding each other hands.

Saachi tells Anandi that time has come to end Saurabh’s tortures. Anandi tells Suman, Roshan and Rakhi that they have to see the drama which will shock them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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