Balika Vadhu 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 4th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ganga asking Gehna to feed Mannu as she has to pack tiffin for Jagya. Gehna asks her to attend Mannu first. Ganga says, I have to cook his favourite dish. Gehna agrees and feeds Mannu. Ganga watches from far and cries as she is distancing herself from Mannu. She says, I wished you will become like Doctor Saheb. Anandi, Anoop and Suhasani come to Mumbai. They are in the car going to Suhasani’s home.

Panditji tells Shekhars that Vivek and Saachi’s qualities meet with each other. He says, Chaturthi is the auspicious day for marriage or else mahurat will be good after 3 months. Daddu says, he will handle the marriage preparations and they will opt for the sooner date. Shiv says, we all will help you. Daddu declares that marriage will be on the chaturthi date. Daddu asks Vivek about his opinion. Vivek says, your decision is right, but I have to get a house. Let’s see what happens. Saachi says, we can adjust in Payal’s outhouse. Daddu asks them to stay there. Saachi says, Vivek will manage. Vivek agrees. Vivek and Saachi smiles thinking about the marriage date. Ira offers sweets to Panditji.

Everyone are having dinner at the haveli. Mannu wakes up and starts crying. Jagya asks Ganga to check on Mannu. Ganga says, I will finish food first. Everyone is shocked to see Ganga’s changed behavior towards Mannu. She goes to see Mannu. Dadisaa looks on. Gehna tells Sumitra that Ganga is acting weird. Dadisaa says, she is getting Mannu ready to live without her.

Suhasani come to the house with Anoop and Anandi. They see the house locked. One of the neighbour greet her and says Arvind said that you are staying in Udaipur. They say we are in a hurry as our son is taking us for watching a film. She asks Suhasani to meet them occasionally.

Suhasani wipes her tears. Anandi says, no one is at home. What we shall do? Anoop says, we will come after sometime. Suhasani says, I will get keys from our neighbours. She unlocks the door and gets in with Anoop and Anandi. She looks at the house. She says, her neighbours are good. She takes them to her room. She sees the decorated for a child. She says, Arvind and Renu give my room to Rahul. Anoop says, I will talk to Arvind.

Suhasani says, I will do whatever I can. She calls Mr. Deshmukh and says she wants to sell her flat. She asks him to come soon. She tells Anandi that Mr. Deshmukh is interested to buy a flat. Mr. Deshmukh comes. He says, we will talk after Arvind comes. Suhasani says, this is my flat. I don’t need to talk to him. Deshmukh says, he can claim on this flat later.

Anoop says, this property is her personal belonging and not her ancestral property. He says, we have to do the registration and agreement later, now I can give you a cheque. Anoop says, you are very generous. Deshmukh says, I trust Suhasani ji. He goes to get the cheque book. Anoop praises Suhasani’s strength. Suhasani says, my son taught me. He will know that I have strength. No one can snatch the right from a mother. I will teach him an important lesson.

Ganga is sitting with Mannu. Dadisaa comes and asks her to read the Ramayan. She tells about the Ramayan vanvas. She says, your pain is too big. She asks her not to stop herself from loving Mannu. Ganga says, I am doing this for Mannu. He has to learn to keep quiet after crying a lot. I know Ratan singh family will not love him like us. He have to make himself stronger. Dadisaa asks her to love Mannu very much when he is with her. Ganga cries and asks forgiveness from Mannu.

Ratan Singh’s mom comes to haveli. Dadisaa says, I told you not to come here. Jagya asked you to take Mannu when he is fine. Saachi tells Anandi that she wants to invite Vivek’s parents and asks for Anandi’s support. Anandi looks stunned.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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