Balika Vadhu 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 3rd September 2013 Written Update

Sanchi comes to Jagya and says, you forgot something.. I came to give you that. She gives him the card and says, it’s not something that you forget.. I want you to give it lots of importance..always keep it with you.. near your heart and miss me by looking at it. Jagya takes it and is then closing door, but Sanchi blocks and says, I can’t see sleep in your eyes at all. Jagya says, I am very sleepy.. let me sleep and you go and sleep as well. Sanchi says, okay.. good night. Jagya too says, good night. Sanchi finally leaves. Jagya runs in and puts the card on the bed. He sits down and recalls Ira’s words, and then Sanchi’s behavior. He says, she is so childish.. how will I spend my entire life with her? He comes on the terrace. He looks at the moon. Other side, Ganga too is looking at the moon and remembering Jagya. Shiv and Anandi come there. Shiv is being naughty. Anandi asks him to let her go. Shiv doesn’t let her go. Anandi says, everyone is sleeping. Shiv says, that means there is no chance for anyone coming here. Anandi asks him to let her go. Shiv says, I will, but fulfill your promise first. Jagya hears their conversation and coughs. Shiv leaves Anandi right away and is shocked to see Jagya there. They come to Jagya. Shiv says, you here? Jagya says, I couldn’t sleep so thought to come in fresh air. He apologizes him. Shiv says, oh please.. it’s absolutely alright.. and then asks how his dinner was. Jagya says, nice.. food was very good. Shiv says, yes.. but house food is just different. Shiv’s phone rings and someone asks him for a file. Shiv goes to his room. Jagya looks at Anandi.

Sanchi is looking in the mirror and praising herself as the most beautiful girl. She says, I know that, but I will be happy when Jagdish says it. He never says anything. Maybe he feels awkward. We are engaged, but he still behaves like I am an outsider. How can I get rid off invisible wall that’s between us? She opens the gift that Jagya gave her, and puts saree on herself. She says, yes.. get ready.. I am coming to shock you Jagdish.

Anandi asks Jagya about Sumi. Jagya says, she is fine, but.. Anandi says, but what? Jagya says, nothing. Anandi says, you’re hiding something from me, right? Tell me. Jagya says, she is fine.. but as soon as she hears Ganga’s name, she gets angry.. starts crying.. starts shouting. Don’t know what has happened to her. Anandi says, you only have answer of this question. You need to ask yourself why maa’s behaviour changed towards Ganga. Jagya says, meaning? I didn’t get it. Anandi says, you’re ignoring everyone’s feelings just to support Ganga. You don’t care about anyone.. not even Sanchi who is going to be part of life. Why Jagya? There must be a reason.. which only you can tell. You went to find Ganga and then without telling family, you kept her in the hospital. It’s straight forward that issues were going to come when they find out the truth.. issues wouldn’t come if you had told them before hand. On your engagement day too. If you wanted to go, then you could have told someone. I was there, you could tell me, but no. Change hasn’t come in maa only.. you’re changed too. The truth is, you wanted to postpone your engagement just because you wanted to go with Ganga. That is the reason maa is angry and upset with you. You’re doing so much for Ganga.. you allowed her to stay in your house.. now helping her start her new life.. that’s good thing, but by making your family upset? Won’t maa feel bad then? Won’t she think what is your relationship with Ganga. Say it Jagya.. when, how, and why Ganga became so important for you? That you don’t care about anyone else beside her. You want to do everything and anything for her, but you’re forgetting that you have other responsibilities too. You agreed to marry Sanchi. I want you to help Ganga, but it’s your responsibility as well to take care of your new relationship. Sanchi is trying her best and if she needs your support, then I can’t blame her. Like any girl, she has seen many dreams too which are connected with you. If she wants your love, time, then that’s her right.. you can’t take away her right from her.

Sanchi is dressed up in a saree. She is going to Jagya’s room and says, if he sees me like this, then he won’t be able to take his eyes off me. She comes to his room and can’t find him there. She says, he was saying that he’s sleepy.. where did he go now?

Anandi asks Jagya.. do you know what I am trying to tell you? You’re engaged to Sanchi and you will have to keep yourself away from Ganga. That doesn’t mean that you don’t care about her or anything. Relationship doesn’t end by staying away. I understand this will be very difficult for you, but you will have to draw a line between your responsibility and duty. You took swear for Ganga’s better future, but you can’t forget that you promised to spend your entire life with Sanchi as well, and you must fulfill this promise. Anandi leaves.

Anandi is going to her room. Sanchi is searching for Jagya. Just after Anandi enters room, Sanchi passes from there and they don’t see each other.

On the terrace, Jagya is alone. He says to himself.. I figured it out what’s your relationship with Ganga. What she is to you. He recalls all the memories with Ganga. Anandi, Sumi, Ganga, Sanchi all questioning him about what’s his relationship with Ganga. And then He finally confesses that he loves Ganga from bottom of his heart. He then says, But I can’t tell anyone this.. not even Ganga.. because I already made promise to spend my entire life with Sanchi. I don’t have any right to love Ganga.

He turns and Sanchi is coming there. He sees Ganga in her. Song plays in background.. Te Amo.. Both glare at each other. Sanchi says, you’re shocked seeing me like this, right? I know.. I am looking very beautiful.. but I want to hear this from you. Tell me na how I am looking in this saree. She moves closer to him and says, you only gifted me this.. now it’s my turn. I want to give you a gift that you can never forget. She touches his hands and slowly moves her hands up. She is about kiss him, but Jagya pushes her back on the last moment screaming, NO. Sanchi is stunned! Jagya runs away from there. Sanchi is completely stunned and hurt. Tears flow from her eyes and the screen freezes on her crying face.

Voiceover: Sometimes you cannot define your feelings.. cannot recognize your feelings as love.

Precap: Sumi tells Gehna, I fully trust Jagya.. but I don’t trust that Ganga. But what to tell you.. you’re obligated to Ganga. Any village woman could do your delivery. If you think that Ganga did a favour to you, then you’re wrong. You don’t try to teach me. Gehna says, what will I teach you? You’re my elder sister. Sumi says, no.. I am badi bahu of this house. You’re sister-in-law. Gehna is shocked.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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