Balika Vadhu 3rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 3rd May 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 3rd May 2014 Written Update

Maidan :-

Shiv yells to the villagers that how Het Singh’s son saw this advertisement and morphed the faces of J-A with the help of these people and how they spread the posters in whole Jaitsar .

Het Singh denies it when Shiv asks him , he says that he is doing to cover up A’s mistakes . A says that he is a liar not Shiv and now he is exposed in front of everyone . She tells that J doesn’t wear any black thread like the boy in the add is wearing .

Shiv says that now its proved that its not J-A in the poster and says that he can easily show in a computer how to morph faces , he opens Photoshop and morphs J and A’ faces .

Everyone are shocked and J says even they got a poster made , then he displays the morphed poster of Het Singh with a girl , he asks Het Singh in the same tone who’s the girl with him and what relationship he has the with the girl ?

Het Singh yells that this is a trick of the BH to cover up their mistakes and even to spoil his name , he also says that they bribed the people to go against Het Singh . He speaks low of A that she sleeps with other men , which results a tight slap from DS .

She dares him to speak one low words against her children and says that he is not even the dust of their feet and he is spoiling their name and even invoking the villagers against them and she has seen worst people in her life but not anyone like him .

She tells him to think of winning the election later , first he should think to become a human being , she spats on him . Then the villagers yell ‘Het Singh murdabad , Het Singh hai hai’ .

KB , living room :-

Bua comes there where Dadu , CM and Anup are sitting , Bua sits beside Dadu and asks for his forgiveness , initially Dadu doesn’t talk but later he melts down , Bua cries and Dadu says that she didn’t changed at all , Bua says that even he didn’t changed .

Ira comes there and seeks everyone’s blessings , she introduces herself to Bua who says that she knows about her and says that Alok joked that he is leaving peacefully without her .

Dadu asks Ira whether she brought his special bikaaner namkin , Ira says yes and gives it to Dadu .

Maidan :-

The villagers apologize to J-A for not believing them earlier , DS says that they should not believe any news put up , they should rack their brains and then come to an conclusion as they are many people like Het Singh who will try to mislead them .

The villagers say her that they realized her mistake and they will really try to rectify it and then they thank Shiv for opening their eyes , J thanks Shiv too but Shiv politely says that he didn’t did anything too great .

Bhairon says that today they almost lost everything but Shiv jumped in the right moment and saved them and also made the villagers realize the truth .

Shiv says that the real credit goes to J-A who stood for the truth , then he says that he is going as he has lots of work pending at the office . DS says that she wont let them go without having a hearty meal at BH , AnSh agree .

KB :-

Ira says Bua that it would have been nice if Sanchi could’ve spent sometime with her , but Bua was found late for that and she asks Ira did she told about her to Sanchi ? Ira says yes , then Bua asks when will she come and meet her ?

Ira says she will come as soon as Vivek finds some time as he is too busy due to work and she offers to bring SanVi’s marriage album so that Bua can see Sanchi’s face .

Ira by mistake brings AnSh’s marriage album but Bua sees it and comes to know that AnSh are married since only 1 year and asks Ira did they did marry just one year before ?

Ira says yes and then Amol is back from school and greets everyone . Bua asks everyone how its possible for AnSh to have a big child like Amol when their marriage completed only 1 year .

She doubts that Amol is A’s first hubby’s child , then Dadu clears it and says that AnSh adopted him quite some time back . Bua says that she thought that Amol is their own child and Shekar’s blood .

Then Amol gifts her a painting made by him the class and for which he was awarded the highest marks but Bua refuses to take it and says that she will take it later , everyone’s happiness vanishes .

BH :-

DS tells Gehna to make tea for J as he must be tired , then J receives an emergency call from the hospital , DS tells him to have tea at least but J hurriedly leaves from there .

Gehna comes there and asks her where’s J ? DS says that he got an emergency call from the hospital , so he immediately left for hospital . She worries that whether he would be able to handle both the works with equal determination and prays for the same to Devi maa . Gehna assures that he will be able to do it as he is a responsible person .

KB :-

Ira-CM chit chatting about marriages , Ira says that she should go and cook immediately , then A comes there and says that there’s no need for her to do it as she will do it .

Both Ira and CM are glad to see A back , CM says that A won a great battle indeed , Ira says that A told her about it and says that she is proud of her .

A tells that the credit goes to Shiv who was actually behind it , Ira asks where’s Shiv ? A says that he left for office for doing the pending works .

A then notices them closely and exclaims that now she understood why they were appearing different today , that’s because of the pallus .

Bua comes there and says that that’s the reason they both are appearing docile DILs , A asks her how’s she ? Bua says she’s fine and taunts that after going to her old maika she forgot to keep her pallu .

A says that its nothing of that sort , she had the habit of keeping pallu on her head from childhood but after coming here she left the habit as everyone wanted her to be without pallu .

Bua says that even Ira and CM changed their old habits and she should do the same too , A agrees and keeps the pallu and says Ira that she will cook the food . Ira tells her to have rest as she must be tired from the long journey .A says that she isn’t tired and it wont take much time to cook the food .

Kitchen :-

Bua says A that she should obey the elders and she could’ve taken rest for a while , A says that she is really not tired . Bua says that she is talking about the mental tiredness and taunts her about her remarriage and leaving J .

A says that was her past which she buried before coming to this house and only Shiv is in her life and no one can give her mental tension other than this family .

Bua says that its not possible for anyone to forget those type of relationships but if she claims so , then she will believe her . She taunts that the Shekars might gone through a hard time when they accepted a divorcee for their eldest son .

VO :-

Conservative people think so narrowly that they act bitter towards modern age beliefs .

Precap :-KB :-
Everyone are at the dining table having supper , they say that A sprinkled a little more salt than required , A apologizes for that . Bua taunts that if she will keep on thinking about worldly affairs then she will do mistakes and says that nowadays women want to be like men by stepping out of houses to do work and leaving their household duties .

Update Credit to: Have.a.dream

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