Balika Vadhu 3rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 3rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ganga bringing water. Jagya tells her that kids slept just now. Ganga asks what are you thinking. He says tomorrow is special day as LP Shrivastav’s DNA test report will come. Kusum and her son will get justice. Ganga asks are you hiding something. Jagya says wait for tomorrow. We will get all the answers. He says good thing is that Nandu accepted Niranjan ji. Ganga says today they will be together. Jagya hopes that they start their life afresh. Gehna asks Niranjan to sit and says Jagya said that you needs rest. Niranjan sits on chair. Gehna asks him to sleep. Niranjan says ok and sleeps on the bed. Gehna sleeps beside him. He talks about seeing moon in his childhood. Gehna talks to him.

Shiv stares Anandi while she is sleeping. Anandi opens her eyes. Shiv asks her do you need anything. Anandi says no. I am fine. She starts coughing. Shiv gives her water. Anandi gets touched by his gesture. Shiv says he will fulfill all her needs and says he is doing this for their little angel. Anandi says it means I comes second in your eyes. Shiv says he can’t give her place to someone else. Anandi asks how did you know that angel is coming. Shiv says he wishes to have a daughter like her. Anandi smiles.

Anandi does yoga in the park when Shiv comes and greets her morning. Anandi says Doctor said that yoga and exercises will help me. She says it will help you too. They start doing the pranayam. She gets a call from Dadisaa. She tells that she is very happy today as Nandu accepted Niranjan today. Anandi is happy and asks how did this miracle happened. Dadisaa tells her that Niranjan saved Gehna infront of Nandu’s eyes and that’s how he accepted him. Anandi asks what happened. Dadisaa says don’t ask me now. I don’t want to spoil my mood. Anandi tells her that……………Dadisaa says you are shying. Anandi says she is pregnant. Dadisaa gets emotional with tears in her eyes. She asks when did you come to know it. She says I fear that I would go without seeing your child’s face. Anandi asks her not to tell that. Dadisaa says I am with you. Anandi gets emotional too.

Dadisaa comes to her class and gives chocolates to her classmates. Her friends ask if it is her birthday today. Dadisaa says no and is about to tell about Anandi’s pregnancy, but then thinks it keep it secret until 3 months passes successfully. She asks her friends what they will take in next class.

Daddu asks Meenu about Anoop. Anoop comes and says he was stuck in traffic. He tells Daddu that Khazan ji is staying in the room where I was about to open the office. Subhadra says it is a matter of some days. He will go after he leaves. Anoop says if he is really getting well, then we shall shift him to other room. I am wasting my time in travelling. Daddu says you are right and asks him to use terrace room. Anoop says I didn’t think about it. Have to see if it is okay for me. Daddu says it is same. Anandi goes to bring rotis. Daddu asks Anoop not to hurt Anandi in any way as she is giving them good news.

Doctor tells that he is showing the DNA report and says it is right. He tells that LP Shrivastav is Kusum’s child biological father. Everyone get happy as they see on TV while Shrivastav gets agry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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