Balika Vadhu 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 3rd January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sumitra coming to the kitchen to prepare something. Gehna asks her to tell what she wants to prepare, but Sumitra insists she will prepare herself after her cooking is done. Dadisaa comes and says, I have to prepare something. Gehna says, I am preparing chutni with Dhokla. Sumitra and Dadisaa laugh as they came to prepare the same thing for Ganga. Gehna says, we will tell Ganga that we have prepared it altogether. Alok and Daddu get worried. Shiv says, they will come. Anoop comes back home. Daddu greets him. Anoop silently goes to his room. Meenu, Mahi and Anandi come home. Daddu asks, did the visit to Pichola lake affected Anoop in any way. They are silent and sit on the sofa. Daddu says, I don’t know, why Lord is doing this with my son. He came back but

still very far from us. He came back but Meenu’s loneliness didn’t go away. It seems as if her colours of life have faded. Anoop comes out of his room and starts playing saxophone/trumpet. Anandi, Mahi and Meenu smile. Shiv and Daddu are surprised. Daddu says, it is same tune. Anoop says, I regained my memory. I am fine now. Daddu is very much happy. Anoop meets Alok. Daddu asks him to hug him. Daddu and Anoop hug each other. Everyone are happy. Daddu hugs his sons.

Jagya opens the window to see the moon. He sits at Ganga’s bedside while holding her hand. Jagya and Ganga glance at the moon. Jagya praises her beauty. Ganga says, I heard Doctors don’t know how to talk romantic things. But you are romantic. Jagya says, it depends on you. Dadisaa calls and enters the room. Jagya gets up from his place. Dadisaa scolds him sweetly for opening the window. She asks her to rest. Jagya says, as I am doctor I know she can sit for sometime. Dadisaa goes to get something for Ganga. Ganga says, I am not hungry. Jagya gets a call from hospital asking him to come. Jagya tells Ganga to have medicines and sleep.

Daddu, Anoop, Alok, Mahi and Shiv are playing Ludo. They reminiscences about the old days. Daddu asks Shiv to prepare coffee. Shiv refuses. Daddu asks Saachi to prepare but she also refuses. Mahi goes to prepare coffee for everyone. Anoop says, I couldn’t see Mahi’s childhood and I will repent that always. He feels sad as says, if we have not lost our daughter then she would be of Shiv’s age. Anoop goes to help Mahi. Alok says, we shall tell him about Shiv being his son. Daddu says, we shall decide what to tell them. Saachi says, he shall know it. Ira says, not now as he couldn’t bear this truth at this moment. Alok tells about Shiv and Anandi’s first marriage anniversary. Daddu says, we will have grand celebration and we will celebrate Anoop’s home coming. He thinks to call Dadisaa first.

Daddu calls Dadisaa and says sorry for calling late at night. He asks about Ganga. Dadisaa says she is fine. Daddu tells them that Anoop got his memory back. Dadisaa prays for their happiness. Daddu thanks her. And says I came to give one good news that Shiv and Anandi’s first marriage anniversary is coming and you have to come to Udaipur for the celebration. Dadisaa says, one year have passed and we didn’t know how the time flew. Daddu asks, so you will come naa. Dadisaa says, everyone can’t come but few members of our family will come surely. Daddu says, I understand and disconnects the call.

Ganga worries for Jagya and calls him. Jagya picks the call and asks, you didn’t sleep yet. Ganga says, I am not getting sleep. Jagya gets angry on her. Ganga says, I will sleep. Jagya says, I have to wait until patient gets consciousness. He asks her to sleep. Dadisaa is listening their conversation silently.

Saachi tells Ira that we shall tell everything to Chote papa. She asks, will you hide the truth from him. She says, you didn’t do any mistake then why you want to punish yourself. Ira asks her not to talk about this decision. She says, we have to think about other’s happiness when we live united in a joint family. She asks her to never to pop this topic again.

Ganga gets up from her bed to get water. Dadisaa wakes up and asks, what happened. Meanwhile Ganga turns and slips. Dadisaa is shell shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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