Balika Vadhu 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jagya and Ganga returning home from hospital. Jagya asks Ganga to take care of patient. Ganga asks him not to worry. The driver stops the car as Kashinath comes from the other way. Kashinath shows him the original papers. Jagya asks Ganga to do something and goes with Kashinath. The goons talks about possessing the land illegally and prays that their business do well. They laugh on the owners who couldn’t take care of their land. Jagya and Kashinath come there. The goon laugh on them. Jagya asks them to vacate the land and give it to Kashinath as it is his. Jagya says we have checked at the collector’s office. It is alloted on Kashinath’s name. He gives 1 hour’s time and asks them to vacate the land. Goons say that they don’t agree to his demand and raise hand on Jagya. Jagya starts beating them. The main goon targets pistol on Jagya. Ganga brings Police there. Police arrests the goons and takes them to Police station. Inspector thanks Jagya. Kashinath thanks Jagya. Jagya asks him to talk to him if he needs any help.

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Anandi comes home. Daddu asks how was the day? Anandi looks around and asks about Anoop. They get tensed. Anandi tells about Anoop and accountant’s argument and Anandi refusing to increase the rates for the first customer. She tells that she called so many times, but he didn’t pick the call. Subhadra enjoys the tension. Alok tells Daddu that he told before that Anoop shall not work with Anandi. Daddu calls Anoop. Anoop tells him that he is in club with his friends. Daddu says ok. He talks to Anandi and says don’t know when will Anoop learns to control his anger. Subhadra tells Anandi that you shall have taken care of his anger. Shiv says it is matters of rules. Anandi knows well. Daddu says I don’t understand why Anoop takes everything personally. He assures Anandi that he will talk to him.

Gehna appreciates Dadisaa for getting Ramesh arrested. Dadisaa says it wasn’t easy. I talked to Jagya last night. Niranjan says we can’t even imagine what that girl is going through. Dadisaa says that girl saw the criminal go behind bars. Gehna says good. Dadisaa looks at Gehna, Niranjan and Nandu sitting in between them. She thinks to talk to her.

Ganga and Jagya comes back home. Jagya tells Dadisaa about goons attacking him and Police arresting them. A flashback is shown. Dadisaa thanks God for saving Jagya’s life and blesses Jagya and Ganga.

Daddu eagerly waits for Anoop till late night. Anoop comes home in a drunkard state and couldn’t even walk properly. Daddu looks at him angrily. Anandi looks at them. Daddu asks you were drinking since afternoon. Anoop says it was not important to know. Today Anandi insulted me infront of NGO women and I can’t forget it. Daddu reminds him that Anandi is like their daughter. Meenu looks on. Anoop says I tried to help her, but she ignored my words. Daddu says Anandi can’t insult anyone. Anoop says Alok Bhaiyya thinks himself as God and now Anandi is thinking the same. Nobody cares for others. Anoop says if I would have been successful then no one would have talked to me in high tone. I will become a big person and that day I will show everyone that I am not a loser. He goes to his room. Daddu looks at Anandi and Meenu. Meenu cries.

Anandi goes to her room. Shiv asks her about Anoop. Anandi cries. Shiv asks what happened. Did Chote Papa say something? Anandi tells him that Chote Papa felt bad about her words and came inebriated. She says he is thinking I made him feel low.I don’t know where I went wrong. Shiv tells that we can make him understand for once. Anandi says I am ready to apologize to him. I can’t hurt him. Shiv says we will talk in the morning. Anandi wipes her tears.

Ganga teaches students about s*x education and asks them to complain to their parents if anyone harassing them. A boy starts crying. Jagya, Ganga and Dadisaa looks on shocked.

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