Balika Vadhu 31st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 31st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Amol asking Anandi about his parents. Anandi says they are saying right and tells whole story. She asks him to go with him. Amol refuses saying you are only my mother. Subhadra tries to bribe him with video games etc, but Amol refuses to have it. Anandi explains to Amol that his parents waited for him since 10 years. Amol says this is my family. Anandi says we all love you and will always love you. She says you have responsibility towards your parents. Amol cries. She asks him to think about his parents. Amol says how will I stay without you. Anandi says whenever you need me, I will come to you. She says truth is that your parents have right on you. I can’t snatch their rights and give them pain. Amol cries and hugs her. Anandi says I expected this from you. Anandi tells Amol’s parents that Amol is ready to go with them. They kiss Amol and hug him. Amol is crying vigorously. Amol’s mother says he was our son, but now we have realized that he is your son now. I can’t separate a child from his mother. My soul doesn’t permit this. Everyone look shocked. Amol’s father says he agreed for your happiness. He says he has the right to stay you only. Anandi says are you saying the truth? Amol’s mother says yes, looking at their love and concern. She says I would not have given love like you. She says our Raju is very lucky to have Yashoda in his life. Anandi hugs his mother. Everyone is teary eyed.

Dadisaa thinks about Jagya saying she forgot her dialogues and her seniors laughing on her. She thinks this can’t be happen.

Amol’s parents say they will leave. Anandi invites them for her children naming ceremony. Amol’s father says if we come again, then we may change our decision. Amol’s mother says we will come later to know about his studies and to see how he is feeling you proud. Anandi says you can come at any time. Amol’s mother asks him to call them Maa and Papa. Anandi signs him to obey. He calls them Maa and Papa. They get emotional and hug him. They leave. Amol hugs Anandi.

Saachi gives a dress to Anandi. Ira comes and asks Anandi to get ready for the naming ceremony ritual. Saachi says she will get her ready. The family members greet the guests. Dadisaa comes with Jagya, Ganga and kids. Daddu welcomes her. Ira tells her that Anandi is in room. Dadisaa says she is waiting to see the kids. Meenu says they are with Amol. Amol brings the babies in a pram. Dadisaa sees the babies. Nandu looks happily. Saachi brings Anandi downstairs. Everyone look at her. Anandi greets Dadisaa. She sits down for the rituals. Panditji recites some mantras and gives gangajal to Anandi. She performs the rituals as told by the Panditji. He asks all the ladies to go out for sun puja. Meenu brings yellow cloth to cover the kids. They do the puja and come inside the house. Anandi takes blessings from everyone. Anoop gets shocked when the guests congratulate Alok for naming ceremony of his grand kids.

Niranjan asks the kids and Dadisaa to enact the scenes by heart and the viewers should feel the pain of Panna Dai. He asks them to get ready. Dadisa and her friends find their dresses torn and wonders what to do.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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