Balika Vadhu 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 31st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Subhadra seeing Khazan ji coming to the hall. She gets shocked and asks what he is doing there. He says he is looking for Anandi as he needs to give his clothes for washing. Subhadra reminds him of his illness and says you don’t care about others. Khazan ji feels bad and says he didn’t think like that. Subhadra says Anandi did a mistake. She should have made you understand. She tells him that Anandi might have forget because of overloaded work. Khazan ji thinks you have slapped me and insulted Anandi. I have to talk to Anandi.

Jagya talks to Nandu after exercising. Nandu says he will go to godown only after exercising. Jagya says he spoke to his Principal and will be giving lecture about s*x session. He says he will be explaining about physical intimacy after marriage. Nandu says he knows everything and don’t want to know anymore. Jagya asks what do you know. Nandu tells him that Gopal told him everything. He says he came to know only on the marriage day else he won’t let his maa marry Niranjan. He is very bad. Jagya says it is not like that. He explains to him about husband and wife relation and says it is completely normal. He says they do have the right to be together. Niranjan loves you very much. If he would have been wrong then we won’t let him marry Taisaa.

He says your Maa can’t be happy with your doings. Nandu says he wants to keep his mother happy. Jagya says I didn’t see Taisaa happy since many days. Nandu says he will keep her happy. He explains to him about understanding, trusting and loving the spouse. He tells him that Niranjan is your new bapusaa. Nandu gets teary eyes and leaves.

Amol tells Shiv that he enjoyed cycling. Shiv asks him to say in low tone else anyone can hear them. Amol says it is not good to lie. Anandi says yes. She asks him from where they are coming. Shiv gets tensed. Anandi sees ketch up stain on Amol’s shirt and asks him. Shiv says they had burger. Anandi tells him that junk food is not good. She says I would have make burger. Amol nods and says they can have burger in the evening. Shiv laughs. Anandi smiles.

Anoop brings pakodas for Subhadra. She asks him about its price. Anoop says I won’t take money from you. He tells her that he needs her advice about yesterday’s incident. A flashback is shown about Daddu giving his advice. He asks shall I apologize to Alok bhaiyya and solve the tension. Subhadra says I am happy as you are thinking to end the matter. You should do this if you think yourself wrong. She asks him to give his business to Alok and works under him. He asks him to make everyone happy or make himself happy. Anoop says he feels he shall think about his happiness only. They eat the pakodas. Subhadra thinks it is her advantage.

Shiv teaches cycling to Amol again in the park. He slips and says he don’t want to learn. Shiv says ok. He motivates him to cycling and says everyone fall while learning. Amol says we will try again. Amol rides cycle perfectly. Shiv smiles. Nandu comes to the godown and tells Munim Ji to go as he will handle it. Suddenly sparks appears from the electricity box. Munim ji scolds the servant. Nandu asks him to get it repaired today itself. Munim ji leaves. Ira asks Anandi about Shiv. Anandi says don’t know. Daddu says he went on a morning walk. Anandi says they didn’t go for a morning walk. Daddu says let them come. Shiv comes and tells Anandi to come out as Amol…….Anandi gets shocked. Everyone rush outside. They see Amol riding the cycle perfectly. Everyone get happy. Amol smiles.

Anandi prays for her family’s happiness in the temple and faints. One lady recognizes her. Shiv comes and urges her to open her eyes. The lady informs her that she is pregnant. Shiv and Anandi look happily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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