Balika Vadhu 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nandu’s friends coming to haveli to say congrats to Jagya. They give him bouquets. Jagya thanks them. Gehna asks him to keep the kids happy. Nandu asks for party. Dadisaa says ok and asks Gehna to make food for the kids. Gehna says, they don’t want halwa puri. Nandu says yes. Gehna asks Jagya to take the kids to the mela. Jagya says, I will bend infront of my people. He says, I will take you all in the evening. He goes to the hospital. He goes to tell Mannu.

Saachi tells Suman that she will eat with Vivek and serves food to them. Saurabh gets angry. Suman looks at him. Suman asks Saachi to serve Saurabh. Saachi goes to serve him. He touches her with his leg. Saachi gets shocked. Suman asks her to serve Saurabh. Saachi serves him. He holds her hand. Suman looks at them. Rakhi senses Saachi’s displeasure and tells Saachi that she will serve him.

Nandu and his friends gather to go to Mela and awaits for Jagya. Ganga says, you all look good. They say we will eat in Mela. Ganga says, I didn’t think about it. She smiles.

Daddu brings fruits for Subhadra. Subhadra is praying. He asks her to eat the fruits atleast. He says, I cut the fruits with my hands. Anandi says, I came to talk to you. Subhadra stops her and asks her not to enter her room. Anandi apologizes to her. She says, you can talk to doctor about hygiene. Subhadra says, you have ruined my religion. You wants to say I am an illiterate. She says, I am nothing infront of your old inlaws and asks her not to change her. Anandi says, I will do as you says. She asks her to eat food. Daddu says, she is having bad stomach. He asks Anandi to rest. Daddu tells Subhadra to forget everything. Subhadra refuses to eat. Daddu eats a piece of apple.

Ganga calls the hospital and enquires about Jagya. Ganga says, kids are waiting. Jagya didn’t come. Gehna comes and asks the kids to eat the food prepared by her. They look sad. Ganga asks them to eat. They refuse to eat and says we want to go home. Gehna asks Makhan kaka to drop them home. Kids leave. Nandu goes to sleep without eating anything.

Saachi asks Suman, what happened. Suman asks her to keep Saurabh clothes in his room. Saachi hesitates. Suman insists. Saachi goes to Saurabh’s room to keep the clothes. She keeps the clothes on the side table. Saurabh holds her hands. He asks, did you come to meet me, but why you are scared. Vivek comes home. He asks for Saachi. Suman says, he went to the room.

Saachi asks Saurabh to leave her hand else she will shout. Saurabh says, you won’t do that. Actually you are enjoying it. Vivek’s files falls on the ground. Saurabh hears the voice and tells Saachi that he would have got the clothes. Saachi tells Vivek that she will serve the food.

Jagya comes home. Ganga asks, you came home. Jagya says, kids must have waited for me. He says, I was about to come, but then some people came with their problems.Ganga seems upset. Jagya says, I know kids must have felt bad. I was helpless. I couldn’t come leaving them. He asks her to understand him.

Shamer calls someone and says I didn’t do anything which can raise a doubt on my intentions. Jagya trusts me. Jagya signs on the papers. Ganga looks on shockingly..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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