Balika Vadhu 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on


Daddu AnSh Alok Ira are waiting for Daddu’s turn to meet doctor . Anoop argues with receptionist about the time they are taking . The receptionist tries to explain it is because of an emergency case they have to wait for sometime . Anoop tries to use Shiv status do they know who is his son The family is upset with Anoop’s behavior Shiv tries to calm Anoop down Finally the receptionist tells them they can go . Alok tries to support Daddu giving his hand but Anoop grabs Daddu’s hand before Alok . Anoop brags its because of him his turn came if he would not have come he would be still be waiting here Anoop then a calls After attending the call he tells Daddu he has to go for some very important work Anoop leaves Shiv takes sad Daddu to doctor . Rest are upset with Anoop’s behavior


At school instead of studying in class Nandu is trying to understand the accounts of Gowdown He has brought Gowdown register with him . The teacher catches him doing so . She tries to make him understand this is not his age for this work He should concentrate on his studies as exams are drawing near This his age to educate himself not to handle this work . Nandu on her face apologizes to her and says to her he will do same as she told him but after bell rings and teachers leave Nandu’s friends when ask him now he cannot bring this register with him The teacher did not know you were caught doing so by other teachers too otherwise she would not have left you like this . Nandu says he only said to her he won’t bring the register to school but he will bring as he has to grow up fast and handle this business . Outside the teacher comes to know from other teacher that Nandu does same in other classes too and the other teachers have made him understand too but each time he promises and don’t fulfill the promise . The first teacher says this is very bad they have to do something They see Dadisaa coming out of class and calls her They tell her everything about Nandu . Dadisaa is shocked to hear this She thanks the teachers for telling her she will take care of this


LPS ‘s man come to the lab and gives a package to doctor When doctor opens it is bribe money in it .LPS calls him and tells him he send this sweet for him which is needed to run every house as he knows Government do not pay doctors much LPS tells the doctor he will make him rich if he does his one work in that DNA test report his name should not come rest his man will explain him everything The doctor smiles seems to have agreed to LP LP cuts the call and laughs He says what cannot bought by money in this world? Every work can be done if you have money .


Jagya Gehna and Ganga are talking about Nandu . Jagya says now we know what is bothering him so we should make him understand but we have to be careful not to be strict or scold him otherwise it can have wrong effect Ganga asks him to talk to Nandu soon Dadisaa comes and says to Jagya yes you should otherwise he will go out of our hands . Gehna asks Dadisaa what happened Dadisaa tells them everything what teachers told her hearing which JaGan and Gehna are shocked Gehna wonders when he took the Gowdown register Nandu comes and tells her three days before . Gehna asks him what he want to do now ? Nandu says he won’t go to school now He cannot waste time studying as he has to take care of Gowdown business when he grows up so he will start doing it from now Gehna is about to scold Nandu but Jagya stops her He politely asks Nandu they have talked about this before too and he promised to his mother he will concentrate on his studies . Nandu says at that time circumstances were different at that time he did not about deceit of Niranjan Niranjan cheated all of us He first entered their house then got close to him by doing drama of teaching him music He like a fool followed Niranjan then he won all’s heart and got close to his mother and then married her Now he knows Niranjan’s true face so he wants to take care of his mother himself Nandu is emotional and goes to his room All are worried for Nandu


Daddu is sitting with everyone except Anoop and is happy that his reports tells he is fine now . Now he will eat all that spicy food he could not eat while taking precautions All made by Anandis hands Subhadra remembers Khajan touching Anandi and tells Daddu no not made by Anandi Upon seeing everyone looking at her in questioning way she takes 360 degree turn i meant to say Anandi cooks so delicious that you won’t stop eating then and its not good . Shiv agrees with her on this and tells Daddu reports came fine does not mean you become stop taking precautions Anoop comes and hears this reports came fine He starts his bragging it had to come as he brought best medicines for papajee , he spend so much money on his treatment All feel bad hearing this except Subhadra who is very happy . Daddu says to Anoop if money can treat a person then no rich person in the world would be become sick Relationships are more important than money Love and care that one’s own give him Money comes and go human being only goes and once go they never come back Anoop takes Daddu’s words in negative direction and tells him you are taunting me after all that i have done for you even today i came to hospital leaving my all important works and argued with the hospital staff to get your tests done fast you will not have to wait and still you are saying all this to me Anoop goes to his room angry Daddu emotionally says to others i tried to stop myself but could not i am patient of heart but his heart is closed I tried to say something which opens his mind and heart and have some effect on him but no . Daddu is emotional Rest are upset Subhadra prays to god to keep Anoop like this Don’t melt him on their emotional talks

Nandu in Gowdown Gowdown gets fire Nandu screams

Update Credit to: kikyo

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