Balika Vadhu 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with goon aiming a gun at Jagya. Kashinath asks Jagya to come. Jagya thinks I have to think cleverly now and tells the goon that we will be back. The goon laugh. Jagya leaves the place with Kashinath. Kashinath feels bad as Jagya is hurt. Jagya asks him not to worry. Gehna talks to Nandu’s teacher and scolds him. She asks where did you go skipping school. Nandu says I went to godown for work. Gehna asks why did you go there as you have to study now.

Nandu says Niranjan chachu explained to me and I promised him not to go to godown. Nandu tells her that he went today as someone asked him the way to godown and then he forgot to go to school. He cries while answering his mom. He apologizes to her. Niranjan tells him that you have broken my trust, I won’t trust you and won’t come to teach you. No one will stop you. Nandu says no. I won’t slip school from now on. He apologizes.

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Gehna says I can’t tell him anything. Nandu pleads for forgiveness and cries. Niranjan forgives him. Nandu promises not to repeat his mistake. Gehna looks on.

Anandi tells Amol that they are going out to have Kulfi. Amol says I can’t come as I have to do such much home work. Anandi says we will help you. Amol asks them to bring his kulfi. Shiv asks him to think again. Anandi says ok. They leaves. Amol thinks they shall get time to spend with each other.

Jagya comes home and sits beside Dadisaa. He says that he feels doing puja paath is waste as people keeps on doing bad things. Dadisaa gets tensed and talks about people. Jagya asks what happened. Dadisaa says my heart is burning. I feel they are humans or animals. I couldn’t bear whatever I have heard today. One teacher……..She starts crying. Jagya comforts her and asks what did he do? Dadisaa tells him about little girl student Jhoomer and tells everything in flashback. Jagya gets shocked hearing that. He says I would have sent him to jail if I you would have informed me.

Dadisaa tells Jagya that sending him to Jail is not enough. We have to catch him red handed and will bring him infront of villagers. We will get him punished by the villagers. She says then I will be at peace. I need your help.

Saachi’s colleagues and boss ask her to cut the cake. Saachi says it was not needed. Boss says it is from all of us. Saachi thanks him. Boss asks her not to else he will demote her. Saachi says ok. Boss asks him to say a few words. Saachi thanks Mittal for showing her the right path to success. She thanks her team members. She says one person is behind my success who always motivated me and is a reason for my success. She says, my success credit goes to my husband Vivek ji. Everyone smiles. Saachi goes to him and says Vivek ji is always with me as a good philosopher and guide. I am nothing without him. She hugs him. Vivek smiles. Suman, Roshan and Rakhi smiles. Mittal asks her to cut the cake. Saachi cuts the cake. She gives the first bite to Mittal instead of Vivek. Vivek gets angry. Saachi gives him cake. Vivek goes to drink water.

Anandi and Shiv are enjoying icecream in a restaurant. He asks her about Anoop. Anandi says he is handling business very well and tells about a client accepting price increment. Shiv gives her credit for Anoop’s happiness. Anandi says no need. Shiv praises the icecream flavour. Anandi asks him to let her taste the icecream. Shiv refuses. Anandi insists. Shiv says you are behaving childishly. Anandi tries to snatch and it falls on the ground. Everyone turn around and look at her mischief. Anandi laughs and says sorry. Shiv laughs. He orders two icecreams.

Ramesh sir asks Jhoomer to sit in his lap and says I will teach you. Jhoomer sits in his lap. He touches her lustfully. Jagya, Dadisaa and Police come and open the door. Ramesh sir starts scolding Jhoomer. Dadisaa slaps him hard.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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