Balika Vadhu 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhiraj attacking Gopal. Kamli gets shocked. Everyone is shocked and turn to see Akhiraj breaking the rope with sword. They get relieved as Gopal is safe. Villager asks Akhiraj to cut him. Akhiraj asks do you love my daughter. Gopal nods and cries. Akhiraj asks him to elope with Kamli. Kundan is shocked, while all the ladies are happy. Akhiraj repeats his words. Kundan says what you are doing? Villagers say that you can’t go against us. Akhiraj asks them to run. They get up and lie down on his feet. Akhiraj asks them to get up and run. Harki is in state of shock and surprise. Kamli and Gopal start running. Disa and Nimboli are happy. Akhiraj throws the sword on Gopal. Everyone is shocked. Disa covers Nimboli’s eyes. It is shown that the sword pierced in Gopal’s chest. Gopal looks at Kamli and cries. Gopal dies holding Kamli’s hand. Harki cries.

Akhiraj goes towards Gopal’s dead body and take out the sword from Gopal’s body. HE tells that there is nothing important more than his ego. He says he won’t forgive the one who played with his respect. He is about to kill Kamli, just then Harki shouts no and falls on his feet. She asks him to leave Kamli. Disa cries. Akhiraj says he can do anything for his honor and asks Harki to move, else he will kill her too. Kundan tries to move Harki, as Akhiraj wants to kill Kamli. Disa opens her hairs and gets in Devi avatar. Akhiraj is about to kill Kamli, just then hears Disa in Devi mode. He gets shocked and becomes rat. She says you will kill my devotee. I will kill you.

Akhiraj says don’t come in between me and her today. This girl has blackened my face. He apologizes. Disa tells that his better living is because of her and says you will be ruined if you kill her. She falls on Kamli and pretends to get unconscious. Akhiraj keeps the sword in its shell and leaves. Nimboli is in shocked and watches silently. Gopal’s mum thinks he might have reached Jaipur and prays for his safety. A neighbor comes and informs her that Gopal is being killed by Akhiraj. His mum shouts and runs outside.

Later Chagani tells Disa that you have saved Kamli and calls her Devi. Disa says don’t call me Devi. She says I couldn’t save Gopal and cries. She says I thought Akhiraj had forgiven them and let them go. She says I was mistaken. She feels bad and says God has made everyone, then why do you differentiate between everyone. She repents for not being able to save Gopal. She cries and feels bad for Kamli. She says Kamli’s soul might have died there itself. She says Akhiraj won’t let live peacefully now. Chagani also cries. Akhiraj fetches water from the borewell and puts on his head. Everyone looks in shockingly. Akhiraj looks on angrily.

Gopal parents cry seeing Gopal’s dead body. Kamli opens the window sees Gopal’s dead body hanged on the tree. She shouts and cries miserably. She tries to strangulate herself, when Disa comes and shouts Kamli.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oomg gopal kld…. :,( :,( :,( :,(

  2. God…. What kind of story is it!!!! What are they even trying to teach the society


  4. This s honor killing Whch shod b desscouragd but serials R ther t create atsensation didnot expected fm balikavadhu

  5. Disgusting to see gopal died..he would have saved..atleast in balika vadhu..honour killing sucks!!I want nimbodi to join her mother n bro..can’t wait!!

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