Balika Vadhu 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shamer taking Jagya and Dadisaa to some place. Dadisaa looks at Het Singh’s house. She says, it is Het Singh’s house. Shamer says yes and asks her to come. She says, I can’t go infront of them. I killed his son. I can’t go and asks him to take her back home. Shamer says, your guilt have to come out. He asks her to apologize to them to lower her guilt. He asks her to have strength. Dadisaa comes out of the car and goes inside. Ajay’s mom opens the door. She is shocked to see Dadisaa. Dadisaa says, I came to share your pain which you got because of me. She comes inside. Ajay’s mom looks at her son’s photo. Dadisaa recollects the incident.

Dadisaa says, you must have hated me so much. I would have done the same thing if I was in your place. I know a child is always lovable infront of his mom’s eyes. She says, I have done a crime. Ajay’s mom listens silently. She says, I would have given my life for saving a girl. I was forced to fire a bullet. She apologizes to her. Ajay’s mom says, you felt my pain and came to share my pain. I don’t know what to say. She says, I would have done the same thing which you have done, but I couldn’t apologize like you. She says, your lowered my pain today. She folds her hands too. Dadisaa gets relieved.

Subhadra asks Anandi to give water. Ira says I will give you. Subhadra says, what happened to her. Ira says, Anandi is having periods. Subhdra gets angry and says don’t you have brain. She tells Daddu that Anandi is not well and how can we eat food made by her. Ira says, today is her last day. Subhadra goes to the kitchen and throws the food. She tells everyone that women can’t prepare food during those days. Anandi gets shocked.

Anandi tells her that she knows about it, but here no one believes in this. Subhadra says, you knows everything then why you spoil our religion. She asks them to understand her decision. She says, breakfast will be prepared again. She says, I will keep fast today to repent for this mistake. She asks Daddu to bring Gangajal so that she can do purify the house and herself. Everyone is shocked.

Some persons comes to Jagya and says we want to build medical college in Jaitsar. Jagya says, it is a very good thing for villagers. They say our target is international people. Jagya says, you wants to take advantage of it. He says your message is to make money. They offer money to Jagya and says it will benefit everyone. Jagya, Dadisaa and Ganga look shocked. They promises to pay him extra money. Jagya gets angry and asks do you want to buy me. He asks him to leave with the money. He says, I will send you to Jail for bribing me.

Subhadra purifies the house with Gangajal irritating everyone. Daddu asks her to rest. Anandi tells Ira that Buaji is having old thinking. Nobody tried to change her perception. She says, even Dadisaa’s thinking was like that. She tells about her childhood days. She says, now Dadisaa is changed. She says, even I was thinking the same, but you made me understand. Anandi says, people are believing on wrong beliefs. Ira says you are right. Anandi says, I will go and apologize to her. I will try to make her understand. We have to change her thinking.

Saurabh holds Saachi’s hands and says you came to meet me. Why you are scared. Even Bhaiyya is not at home. Saachi asks him to leave her hand else I will shout. Saurabh says, you likes it. Vivek sees them and gets shocked..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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