Balika Vadhu 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi informing the warden of the orphanage that Amol is very happy after having his siblings. The warden seems to be tensed. She tells her about her family donating money to the children and Anandi adopting Amol when couldn’t stand on his feet. The warden asks do you accept that parents have the first right on their children. Anandi says yes. The warden shows her the couple and says they are Amol’s biological parents. Anandi gets shocked. The warden says they want to take their son back. Anandi shouts saying Amol is her son. Amol’s parents show her photo and toys of Amol. They call them Raju. Anandi says Amol is my son and no one can snatch my son from me. She leaves.

Dadisaa sleeps on the bed and pretends to be unwell. Badi Kakisaa comes and sees her sleeping. She asks what happened to you. Dadisaa says she is having fever and stomachache. Kakisaa checks the fever. She says it is not there. She says Savitra saw you going to school. Jagya says she was fine in the morning, but came back home. Dadisaa continues to lie. Niranjan and Gehna look on. Badi Kakisaa asks Jagya to take care of Dadisaa. She tells her to get well soon. Once she goes, Dadisaa thinks she had to lie. Jagya says why did you lie? Dadisaa says she have to study for the exams. Jagya says I am surprised seeing your acting. He says you can play Panna tai’s role. Niranjan says you gave a good audition. Dadisaa refuses to act.

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Niranjan asks her to try and impress everyone. Dadisaa says she has to write the exam and also have to attend Anandi’s babies naming ceremony. Everyone insist, so she agrees. Everyone claps for her.

Anandi comes home and shouts for Amol. Daddu is playing with the babies when Anandi comes running inside. She asks for Amol. Ira says he was in lawn. Anandi says he is not outside. Anandi goes inside her room and hugs Amol. Ira asks what happened? Anandi says nothing. She was just worried. She says she will make Amol’s favorite Paneer Matar. She goes to the kitchen. Ira asks Anandi, why did orphanage people called you. Anandi recalls. She tells that it was not important. Door bell rings. Subhadra comes to the kitchen and asks Anandi to come as a couple came introducing themselves as Amol’s parents. She says she is shocked. Anandi is shocked too.

Daddu tells Anandi that they are claiming to be Amol’s parents. Anandi says they are lying and scolds them for coming to her house. She tells Daddu that they want to take her son far from her. She says my son will live with me and his family. Ira asks her not to shout. Anandi asks them to leave and goes inside. Subhadra asks them not to feel bad about Anandi’s words. She praises Anandi and says she will give Amol to them. Daddu tells warden that Anandi won’t give her son to them. He blames the warden for giving the child for adoption without proper verification. Amol’s father folds his hand and asks Daddu to convince Anandi to let go Amol. Daddu says he will talk to Anandi. Daddu comes to Anandi and says he can’t unseen the pain and depression in his mother’s eyes. Anandi asks what do you wants to say. Daddu asks her to listen to them once. He says we will not force you. Anandi hugs Amol and gets possessive.

Daddu comes downstairs with Anandi. Anandi says no one can separate me and my love from Amol. She says her love for Amol will never be less from her heart. She says he is my twin babies’ elder brother. She says Amol is my son, only mine. Everyone look emotionally. Amol’s real mother pleads to Anandi to let go Amol with them. She requests her to give her a chance to tell her story. Anandi looks on.

Dadisaa practices the Panna tai’s play. Jagya asks her to read the dialogues properly. She says she has to go to Udaipur tomorrow.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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