Balika Vadhu 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gauri calling Shivani while crying. Shivani gets tensed and asks her what happened. Gauri tells her that Jagat told her truth about Ganga being his wife. Shivani says, I knew it and asked them to hide it from me. She says, I am happy that you can face this thing. She asks her to take care of her. We shall say thanks to you. She hided this thing from us. She sacrificed a lot and has a big hand in your recovery. Gauri cries and says she is tired of life. She thanks her and disconnects the call.

Anandi comes to the terrace and meets Shiv. Amol comes there and asks what are you doing here? Amol says, he followed maa. Shiv says, you should have sleep. Anandi says he is a kid. Amol asks what are you talking about? Shiv says, I was asking your mom to say story to you. Anandi tells him the story. Shiv plays with Anandi’s hairs and tries to get a bit romantic. Amol hears the story. He asks her to say about Dadisaa. Anandi tells him about Dadisaa. Rajastani song plays…………Shiv gets bored.

In the morning, Gauri comes to the hall with her baggage and tells Jagya not to worry about her. She says I thought about it. I was running behind a fake dream. I should have understand that this right is not mine. I realized that I was wrong and not blaming you. She tells Ganga that Jagya can’t get a good partner like her and praises Ganga. She says I feel ashamed to apologize to everyone. Dadisaa asks her not to think about past and asks her to look forward to future. Dadisaa says, I will pray for you. Gauri hopes for the same and leaves the house. Jagya and everyone look at her.

All the men of Shekhar house make Gajra for their respective wives. Meenu asks them to make good gajra. Anoop pulls their legs. Daddu asks them to work fast. Subhadra comes and says she didn’t see this before. She gives prasad to everyone and drugged laddoo to Anandi. Anandi eats it. Subhadra prays for Anandi. She thinks Anandi is a fool.

Gehna makes parathas for Nandu. Nandu says, he don’t want to eat. He says, he wants to eat chole puri, aloo parathas etc. Gehna says, she has so much work and promises to make something of his choice. Dadisaa comes and hugs him. She makes him understand to eat whatever his mom serves him and reminds him of the promise made to his father. Nandu agrees.

Shiv is braiding Anandi’s hairs. Anandi starts laughing. Subhadra thinks laddoo will show its effects soon. Anandi goes to the washroom. Alok says, lets start the ritual. Anoop asks him to go ahead. Alok puts gajra on Ira’s hairs followed by Anoop and Hardik…..Subhadra says she is enjoying. She asks where is Anandi? Shiv says I will see. Anandi comes running like a child. Everyone is surprised. She comes to Shiv and asks him to put Gajra on her hairs. Shiv puts Gajra on her hairs. Anandi turns to him and says you are so good. I love you Shiv, love you…………and hugs him. Shiv asks her to leave him. Subhadra thinks Anandi is not in her senses and gets happy. Everyone is shocked.

Anandi wakes up at 9 am and asks about Amol. Shiv says, Amol went to school. Anandi says, something wrong is happening with her and says we shall see a doctor. Shiv says, he took an appointment. Anandi looks tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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