Balika Vadhu 28th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 28th December 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 28th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Nandu argumenting saying he wants to go to picnic tomorrow only. Nandu says, I don’t want to eat. Gehna asks him to eat silently. Gehna says, tomorrow his school is going to picnic. Dadisaa says I will take you on a picnic. Nandu gets happy. Basant suggests, we shall go to the Ram Rajeshwar yatra. Bhairov says we will go together. Dadisaa agrees. Ganga is tensed and thinks how to go as it is mountain way. Dadisaa says we will eat at the dhaba. Nandu sits to have dinner. They are going in a bus. Ganga feels uncomfortable at the back side and tells Dadisaa that she is feeling vomiting sensation. Dadisaa asks, are you fine? Ganga says, I am fine and says there is another reason to go to the front seat. Dadisaa asks her to sit with Jagya.

Daddu gets the flowers

and asks everyone to decorate the house. Alok says Ira is preparing Anoop’s favourite dishes and asks about Meenu. Anandi says, she is rearranging her wardrobe. Alok gets boxing gloves. Daddu says, they practised it when in college. Saachi asks Ira to make milk shake. Ira says, after sometime. Daddu asks Saachi to help him in decoration. Saachi, as usual feels bad as Ira is preparing food for Alok.

Everyone get down the bus…Rajastani song is playing. Ganga looks at the stairs and wonders how to climb the stairs in this condition. Ganga is lost in her thoughts, when a hand cart full of iron rods slides down a slope and is on the verge of hitting Ganga but Jagya comes and saves her at the last moment. He asks, where is your concentration. Everyone is about to climb the stairs, Dadisaa turns and asks Ganga to come. Sumitra asks Jagya to bring Ganga. Jagya asks Ganga to come. Ganga says, I can’t climb the stairs. Nandu says, even Dadisaa is climbing naa. Jagya asks her to come. Ganga prays for her unborn child and starts climbing on the stairs.

Meenu looks at her marriage photo and thanks the Lord. She says, I am happy but also tensed. I don’t know how to react after seeing you. I am waiting for this day since 3 months but don’t know what to do? Ira and Anandi come. Meenu says them sorry for not not helping in kitchen. Ira says, work is done. You have to get ready well. She gives her a red saree. Ira says, this was gifted to you by Anoop. You have to wear this and welcome him. Basant asks Dadisaa, can you climb the stairs. Dadisaa says, I can easily climb the stairs. Ganga feels difficult to climb and at a point refuses to climb the stairs. He sits on the stairs and says, I can’t climb anymore. Jagya, Nandu, Dadisaa insist her to come. Ganga asks them to go and says, I will wait for you here. Jagya says, everyone are waiting for you. Sumitra and Gehna says, half of the way is over so come. Ganga breaks the news and says, I am going to be a mother. Everyone are shocked. Jagya looks at her with surprise.

Daddu says, it is a proud day for us as the army and the jawans came to welcome my son. Officer says, it is our duty to welcome him. Daddu tells Anandi that they will come in 5 mins. Anandi asks everyone to come outside. Meenu gets ready and smiles.

Sumitra recalls and says, that’s why you lied to us. Ganga says, I have to hide it. She tells about the instance. Dadisaa recalls about the papaya dish which Ganga didn’t had. Jagya recalls Ganga was stressed. Ganga says, I couldn’t hide it anymore. Jagya recalls Ganga avoiding him to come closer. Jagya says, you know very well about your condition then also you took this step. I said naa Mannu is my son. I asked you to take pregnancy control tablet. Don’t you love your life. I can’t live without you. Ganga says, I was pregnant long before. Jagya asks, you hided a big thing with us. He asks, why you hide with us. Ganga tells about Dadisaa’s wish to see Jagya’s baby. Dadisaa gets emotional and says my dream is not big than your life.

Jagya says, lets do the darshan and go home. Bhairov says, Ganga can’t climb the stairs and do darshan. Jagya says, Ganga will do the darshan. Jagya takes her in his arms and starts climbing the stairs.

Anoop gets down the car with Mahi and Shiv. Jawans is standing in his honor and salutes him. Officer asks Anoop to speak a few words. Anoop asks one of the jawan to wear the uniform properly. everyone smiles. Shiv says, I will introduce you to our family. Shiv introduces him to Alok. Alok hugs him emotionally. Ira looks at her. Anoop looks at Meenu. Shiv introduces Anandi and Saachi. Daddu thanks the army for honouring his son and takes Anoop inside. Anoop stares at the home with blank eyes. Daddu says, welcome back home. He looks at the photos and tries to recall. He looks at the boxing gloves and picks it up. Alok wears the gloves and asks him to fight. Anoop punches him hard on his stomach and says you remember Anoop never loses. Meenu asks, did you remember everything. Anoop says, I remember, you are the one who brought spice and vegetable dish. Alok says, she is your wife.

Anoop says, I understand. But I couldn’t recall anything and says sorry. Daddu says, you will recall slowly. Meenu does the aarti and welcomes him with a garland. Anoop stops her and says, I can’t do this. Meenu is disheartened. Daddu says, you both are married and we just want you to exchange garland with her. Anoop says, I can’t remember anything so how could I wear this garland. I am feeling uncomfortable. Shiv says, even Govt confirmed your identity, why we will lie to you. We can understand what is going on in your mind. But you have to accept your present to regain the memory. He lowers his head and Meenu keeps the garland on his neck and then he keeps the garland on her neck. Everyone smiles.

Anandi serves tea to everyone. Daddu thanks her. Anoop puts the tea in the glass and starts drinking. Everyone looks at him. Anoop says, I have a habit to drink this way. Daddu says, we don’t have any objection. Anoop thanks Anandi for the ginger tea. Anandi says, whenever you need it, just tell me. Daddu shows the photos and tells about the incidents. Anoop looks at the photos.

Jagya, Ganga and family come to the hospital. Jagya tells Ganga, how can you take chance with your life. He tells emotional words and says, I just want you and nothing else. Ganga says, I don’t want to hurt you. My life is for you. Jagya asks, then why did you hide? I should have understand it but I didn’t think about it. I don’t know why you took a risk. And blames himself. Ganga says, I can’t go against you. I was pregnant before knowing the problem. She apologizes and cries. Jagya is teary eyed and request her to abort the child if Doctor confirms about the chances. He says, I can’t see you in pain and can’t live without you. Ganga says, I couldn’t do this and says I can’t live without this baby. Everyone looks at them emotionally and in shock. Ganga asks Dadisaa to make Jagya understand that everything will be fine. Ganga says, I am not scared. Everyone are startled and shocked.

Doctor says, Ganga is pregnant and 5th month is going on. Jagya asks, can we abort this baby. Doctor says no, and says already there is so many complications with Ganga. We don’t have any other option then to continue with this pregnancy. Dadisaa says, everything could be fine. Doctor says, 30% chances are good and 70% chances of complication. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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