Balika Vadhu 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 28th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Jagya’s speech. He speaks for the development of Jaitsar. Het Singh aides start praising Het Singh and cheers for him. Het Singh leaves. Dadisaa gets up and says Jagya has decided to enter politics as the villagers wanted. He is like a rising sun. He is not greedy. He is just determined and honest to do something for Jaitsar and its people. She says, if you have any doubt then he will take the nomination back. Everyone assure to support Jagya. Dadisaa smiles. They cheer for Jagya.

Buaji tells Daddu that her son went to America with his wife and son. Amol comes and tells her good night. Buaji gets happy and asks him to sleep. Buaji makes Anandi wear the ghunghat and says beautiful. Buaji asks Alok about Ira. He says, he went to his relative place. Daddu asks

her to tell what happened with her after she left home.

Sumitra says, she married Dipendra against her family wishes. She wasn’t happy with him. She tried to save their relation but failed. She says, before my son was born I came to know about his affair with some woman. He married her later and disowned me and my son. I gave a good upbringing to my son, but he also left me. He gets sad. Daddu says, you are everyone’s darling. You should have returned home. We would have accept you. She says, I returned, but late.

Anandi gives instructions to Shiv about Amol. Shiv hears it. Anandi says, I will try to return as soon as possible. Amol have promised me that he won’t trouble you. Shiv says, I haven’t promised you that I won’t trouble you. He says, you know that I don’t get sleep without you. Anandi says, I won’t get sleep there without you. They get into a eye lock. Anandi and Shiv hug each other. Rajastani song plays…………

Anandi takes blessings from Daddu before leaving for Jaitsar. Daddu says, no need to touch my feet. Anandi says, let me touch your feet Daddu. Daddu blesses her. Buaji comes and asks where are you going? Anandi says, Jaitsar to campaign for Jagya. Buaji asks, who is Jagya? Is he your brother. Anandi gets shocked. She is about to say…but Daddu interrupts and asks her to go. Buaji asks her to return soon. Anandi says, I will try to return soon. Buaji looks at Anandi.

Some girl informs the villagers that Anandi came to campaign for Jagya. Everyone applaud for Anandi. Anandi gives the speech and says it seems this village is always mine. She says, election is not a joke and asks them to use their power to vote. She asks them to give a chance to Jagya to work for the welfare of Jaitsar. Everyone applaud for Jagya. Jagya gives the speech now. He says, when I was a child I looked at the passing train and thought when it will stop at our village. He says, we don’t have any platform here. He speaks about farmers and the greedy vendors. He says, I want to be your voice who can demand the things for you. Jagya says, I need your support. Anandi smiles. Jagya thanks them.

Het Singh comes with his goons. One of the goon asks Jagya about the security of women or the girl. He says, our village is secure. They speak badly about Jagya’s character. All the villagers speak against of Jagya. Jagya and Anandi are shocked.

Goons attack Anandi and Jagya. Anandi and Jagya protect each other. Ganga comes to save them.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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