Balika Vadhu 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Harki telling Akhira Singh that she will have a good sleep today as Nimboli is not here. Disa comes and apologizes saying it is late night, but she needs to talk. Akhira Singh asks Harki to talk to her. Disa tells her to bring back Nimboli and says it is not good to leave her in the jungle. She didn’t have food also. Harki says she had sweets. Disa says she couldn’t be hungry. Harki says she is getting sleep. Disa says she will bring. Akhira Singh asks Disa not to bring Nimboli and asks her to go to her room. Disa feels bad and goes to her room.

Anandi asks Nimboli to see the tiffin. Nimboli says no. Anandi says it is given by a sweet girl of your age. Nimboli says you might have eaten her. Anandi tells her that it is given by Sunaina and asks her name. Nimboli tells her name and says why did I tell. Anandi says I am not chudail and asks her to get down, else she will climb up. Nimboli says she will come down and prays to kanha ji for protect her. She falls down and calls maa. Anandi holds and hugs her. Tum Yehi ho plays…………while they hug. Nimboli breaks the hug and asks her to leave, addresses her chudail saa. She checks her legs and says your legs are just like me. She asks where is your broom? Anandi smiles and says I was explaning to you since long time that I am not chudail. It is only in the books. Anandi says I saw you today. You was walking infront of my car. Nimboli says so you was in the car. Anandi tells her that the sweets are real and makes her sit.

Anandi asks her to eat laddoos and makes her eat. Nimboli looks at her. Anandi says you are not scared naa. Nimboli says no. I will call you good banyan tree chudail. Anandi says you are also nice, your mum must be proud of you. Nimboli says really. Anandi says yes. She makes her eat more. Nimboli says I feels that I am not auspicious for anyone. Aanndi says you are blessings of your mother and is very special girl. Nimboli looks at her and smiles.

Pooja thinks about something and calls Mannu. She doesn’t speak and smiles silently. She calls again and hears his voice. Mannu asks who are you? Pooja calls him and says I am saying, Raj Kumari Pooja. Ganga picks the call instead and asks what are you saying. Pooja says she was just teasing Mannu. Ganga says he is busy. Mannu says he wants to talk. He talks to her and says he did lot of hardwork and completed the project. Ganga looks at them and is irked.

Harki comes to the jungle and hopes Chudail must have eaten Nimboli. She says I am fed up of her. She comes near the tree and sees Nimboli nowhere. She looks at the tree top and gets shocked. She runs towards home.

Geeta tells Akhira singh that Harki did right by punishing Nimboli. She asks what do you think, whether the chudail will eat Nimboli. Harki comes back running and tells that Chudail had eaten Nimboli fully, nothing is left. Geeta asks what are you saying? Harki says I had tied up with heavy rope, but she is not there. She was eaten by the chudail. Akhira Singh and his sister are shocked. Chagani comes and says she needs leave as her mum is unwell. Harki asks why? And refuses to allow her leave. Chagani says please allow me to go. Harki refuses and asks her to get back to work. Chagani says ok, then I have to leave the job.

Harki permits her to go and asks her to come back within a week. Chagani says ok and leaves. Geeta says Chagani has packed her bags. Harki thinks who will do the work now? Chudail has eaten Nimboli and Chagani went on a leave. Who will do the work? Geeta says it is very difficult, I have to return to my house. Harki thinks what is happening with her. Geeta, Akhira Singh and Harki see Disa in Devi avatar. They folds their hand. Disa says your end has come Harki. Harki gets tensed and shocked.

Disa tells Harki left lakshmi with banyan tree intentionally. Harki apologizes. Devi says I came to take revenge. Akhira Singh asks for a chance. Harki runs back home and sees something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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