Balika Vadhu 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jagya asking his assistant to call someone inside. Some lady comes to meet him. Jagya asks her to sit. She seems to be scared. She gives her ration card and tells that she has been declined ration. She asks Jagya to help. Jagya asks her not to worry and says he will check in the morning. She leaves.

Shiv and his family come to court. Vivek asks Shiv, did he come? Shiv says not yet. Rasika comes with Narendra’s parents. Court proceedings starts. Judge asks the lawyer to speak. Rasika’s lawyer appeals to the court to give rigorous imprisonment to Shiv. Vivek gets up and tells the court that Narendra was murdered and had not committed suicide. He was burnt. Rasika gets scared and thinks did he have the proof. Rasika’s lawyer asks Vivek to show the proofs and asks who killed Narendra. Vivek says, you will know soon. Vivek calls her ex bosses in the court to know their views on Rasika.

Jagya comes to the ration shop in disguise of a villagers. He sees people getting minimum ration from the shop keeper. He requests the shop keeper to give him kerosene, but shop keeper refuses and raises his hand to slap him. Jagya holds his hand and removes his fake moustache. Shop keeper gets tensed seeing him. Police comes and arrests him. Jagya checks the grains and kerosene and asks, from where it came? Did you keep it to sell in black and asks his assistant to cancel his licence. Other villager also complains against the shop keeper. Jagya asks him to pay for his deeds and asks his assistant to give the ration to everyone. Everyone applaud for him. Jagya says, I am ready to help you always. Villagers bless him.

Dadisaa tells Gulli’s grand parents not to worry. Match maker comes with groom’s family for Gulli. Dadisaa welcomes them. She tells them that she knows Gulli’s family very well and praises Gulli. Gulli comes holding a tray. Her grand parents ask her to greet them. Groom’s mother tells them that she saw Gulli somewhere and asks, did you come to our village before. Gulli says no. Her grand parents tell them that Dadisaa saved Gulli and tells everything.

Groom’s parents thank them for telling the truth and says we need time to think. They leaves. Dadisaa understands that they left after knowing the truth. Gulli’s grand parents say they won’t say yes for this marriage proposal. Dadisaa asks them not to worry as a good alliance will come soon.

In the court, Brijesh praises Rasika and says she is honest and professional. Vivek says, her other bosses said that Rasika tried to get close to them and that’s why they suspended her from the job, but Brijesh is speaking a different tune. Vivek tells Brijesh that three people won’t lie and asks, why did they do that. Brijesh is speechless. Vivek says, he might be having some personal issues and that’s why he is favouring her. Rasika’s lawyer asks Vivek to bring the proof. Vivek tells the court that his witness will come in 5 mins. He requests the court to give 5 mins. Judge permits. Vivek thanks the court. Everyone wait restlessly for the witness to come.

After waiting for 4 mins, Jugde tells that one min is left and we will not wait for anyone after that. Anandi comes to the court and looks at the door, probably with the witness Narendra’s close friend Anil Manchanda.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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