Balika Vadhu 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 27th June 2013 Written Update

Shiv is upset in his room. Anandi comes to him and says, everything will be fine. Shiv says, I was so happy while ago with Mihir’s rishta and now.. Anandi says, I can understand you. Everyone is tensed because of what happened. But person would be most upset would be Sanchi. We have someone to talk with, but Sanchi has no one to talk with. She must be feeling so lonely in her own house. Shiv says, what are you trying to say, then? We are wrong? Anandi says, no.. just like you all, I can’t believe what Sanchi said. But I am talking about responsibility. She is your sister. You should go and talk to her. This will be the right thing to do.

Sanchi in her room says, I told everyone that I love Jagdish. But what if Jagdish refuses me and my love? She then says to herself, why would that happen? I know he also loves me. It’s possible he may have not realized it, but I will make him realize that. Shiv comes to her room now. He holds her hand and says, relax, I didn’t come to lecture you. My younger sister is taking such a huge decision of her life so as a elder brother, I came to give you advice. Final decision will be yours. He says, Jagdish is a nice guy, but I feel, you two won’t stay happy together. You and Jagdish are very different. You both grew up in different environments. For Jagdish, his family is everything, but for you, there are many other things. Like your freedom, your friends, your space. These two things are so different that it’s very difficult for them to be together. Sanchi says, I understand what you’re saying is true, but.. Shiv says, but for your love, you will change yourself. Let’s say for a moment, that you change yourself, but for how long you will be able to stay with that new Sanchi? Few days? Few months? And then? He holds her hand tighter now and says, Jaitsar and Udhaipur are too far from each other, but they are like two different world. For this attraction, you will have to lose many things like your freedom, ambition. There’s a huge difference in staying in Jaitsar for 4 days being a guest and living there forever.

Sanchi cries and says, I thought at least you would understand me. Shiv says, I understand you and that is why I am here. You and Jagdish both are nice people, but there is no guarantee that two good people can have a happy life. Sanchi says, what do you think about your life? Aren’t you spending a good life? We also used to think that you and Anandi bhabhi are not right for each other, but you’re happy today by marrying her. Then why do you think that I won’t stay happy by marrying Jagdish. Anandi bhabhi is from same family as Jagya. She is also living a different life here. If she can adjust here, then why can’t adjust there? And if excuse for saying no for Jagdish is because he’s a divorcee, then Anandi bhabhi’s status was same and you still married her. Why can’t you do that? Will there be different rules for sons and daughters? If you remember, you told me that you won’t have any problem if I marry a divorcee. Shiv remembers flashback when he said he will support her as long as that past doesn’t matter to that person and if he is a nice person. Sanchi continues, I will be happy with Jagdish only. I know you all think I am rushing, but I thought a lot, both with my mind and heart, and then took this decision, my final decision.

Sumitra is applying oil to Gehna’s hair. Basant comes and says, I am going to meet Sarpanchji. He tells Gehna to eat on time. Sumitra teases Basant saying there are many other people to take care of Gehna. Basant feels shy and leaves. Manu is playing there and he spreads oil on the floor. Gehna is leaving. Sumitra notices oil flowing on the ground and stops Gehna. She then shouts and calls Gehna there. Worried Ganga asks what happened? Sumitra says, what happened? See what your Manu did. If Gehna walked from there, then God knows what could have happened. Ganga scolds Manu. Gehna asks her to stop now. Ganga apologizes and says, I will clean the floor right now. Gehan leaves. Sumitra then leaves in anger. Ganga goes straight to Manu and hugs him. Says, your mother is very bad, right? I won’t scold you again.

At Shiv’s house, everyone is at dining table. They all are still sad. Alok says, mistake is ours. We shouldn’t have let Sanchi stay in Jaitsar. He gets very angry and leaves. Ira also leaves without eating.

Anandi brings breakfast to Sanchi. Sanchi says, if you came to lecture, then please.. Anandi says, not lecture, I came to give you advice as an elder sister. Sanchi says, neither I want your advice nor this food. Anandi says, fine, I won’t say anything, But don’t take out your anger on breakfast. No one has ate anything since last night. If you will eat, then they might as well. Sanchi says, don’t try to make me feel guilty. If I love Jagdish and want to spend my life with him, then what’s wrong with it? In fact, you all should be happy that I chose someone like Jagdish. Anandi says, who else can know Jagya better than me? I have been closest to him. I am saying this with full confidence that Jagya is very different person now than the time when I married him. He has lived a very different life. He used to everyone’s favorite in the family. Everyone used to pay all attention to him and that is why he had nature to think about himself only. But now, after what life and time taught him, he is completely changed. His view of looking at life is different than yours. You go out because you want to see the world, want to learn new things, you like meeting new people, but it’s not same with Jagya. For him, meaning of going out is to finish his work. He has seen so much in his life that he doesn’t want to see anything new now. You want to do something new and different every day, but Jagya wants same daily routine life. He wants to have a quiet life – to which you call boring. And that is why I feel, maybe Jagya is not the right person for you.

Precap: Ira, Meenu, Daddu, Alok are having a discussion. Ira doesn’t want to give Sanchi’s hand to someone who has divorced twice. She says, but if that’s the only way to make Sanchi like before, then… Daddu says, sometimes elders have to give in front of their children. He suggests them to find out what’s in Jagya’s mind regarding this.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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