Balika Vadhu 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 26th September 2013 Written Update

Mangalore :
Police Station:-
Episode begins with Jagya talking with police inspector . The inspector asks from Jagya what do you want? Jagya says I want to bring Ganga’s truth in front of everyone Inspector says that everyone knows its an open and set case Jagya says no that’s what I want to tell you that ..The inspector angrily interrupts him saying one minute before that you say anything to me I tell you I know my duty very well I cannot do anything going beyond jurisdiction. Jagya says I am not asking any favor from you inspector and neither I am asking you to go against your duty I only want you to think about all the actions you have taken so far in this case Whenever any woman complains about attempt of rape then police should lodge an FIR and not

only this to send that woman for medical examination is also your responsibility . Inspector says true but Ganga talked about rape attempt but rape did not happen that’s why there was no medical and after that this rape thing is a lie Jagya says deciding it is lie or truth is work of court not yours and if you won’t even listen to me now then I will have to go Magistrate to lodge an FIR The inspector angrily shouts at Jagya you are trying to threaten me Dr Singh Jagya says I am trying to show you the second side of the coin and if you think after being caught of theft Ganga told you a false story of rape attempt on her then I think Ganga complained for rape attempt that’s why she has been trapped in false blame of theft She has been trapped Inspector says hospital management did full investigation on their part Jagya angrily says to inspector how do you know that investigation was done with full honesty ?Did you do any investigation from yours side? you should have done independent investigation its your duty did you do that ? you believed all story of management by closing your eyes . Inspector angrily says to Jagya you doubt on my work my honesty let me tell you one thing I am an honest inspector Jagya says if you are an honest officer then help me in finding out the truth Hearing it Inspector agrees and asks from Jagya what help do you need ?
Kesar Bagh:-
Anandi is pacifying Ira to drink some milk She is requesting Ira please maa drink some please Ira takes milk and drinks it After drinking it Ira apologizes to Anandi for the way she talked with her Anandi says to Ira no maa why are you making me ashamed by asking forgiveness from me you are elder to me If I am wrong anywhere you have full right to scold me and be angry at me and till then neither you knew the truth neither I. Ira says its good our misunderstanding got cleared now we have to clear everything by talking with Jagdish’s family Ira emotionally says After going to Jaitser I will first ask forgiveness from Sumitra jee by grabbing her feet then from Maajisaa and then I will pull Jagdish’s ears and order him to forgive me He is younger to me I have right on him Ira requests from Anandi I have full belief if you will make them understand then they will surely understand because you are daughter of that house they love and respect you so much They ask your suggestion in every thing you will have to do this for my Sanchi . Sanchi said such a big thing in her Bachpana ( childishness)but her intention was not wrong she cannot even think about such things against them You have seen she loves Jagdish’s family so much she is like your younger sister you will have to do this for her Anandi thinks to herself how can i say yes to maa I am still in this confusion what is truth and what is lie ? Anandi says to Ira you don’t worry maa everything will be alright Ira says to Anandi I only want this
Outside Ganga’s home The Paan shop :-
Balachandran is eating Paan from his favorite Paan shop while Ghanshyam shows to Jagya he is Balachandran . When Balachandran leaves from there Jagya asks Ghanshyam kaka to stay here while he will be right back He goes to the shop and asks questions from the shop owner ( This conversation is shown in muted voice with BG music on ) The shop owner does not tell anything about Balachandran and requests to Jagya he knows nothing .Jagya does not believe him but still goes from there
Next It’s the Chemist shop who helped Balachandran :-
Jagya asks from the shop owner which medicines she came to sell here ? The shop owner gets scared and does not know what to say Sir actually she mmm Jagya strictly tells him see there is no use to hide Tell me straight forwardly on whose saying you took her name otherwise The shop owner says sir there is nothing like this I only told the truth Jagya does not believe him and is angry but leaves from there Balachandran appears from behind the wall and signals to the shop owner good work The shop owner responds accordingly he did his work Balachandran is very happy
KPS Hospital:-
Jagya along with police inspector and his friend Ravi is sitting with the management staff of hospital Jagya says to the head I know Ganga really well She is not a thief she cannot do any such work she is being trapped The management staff look at each other’s faces as they know everything Jagya says When this incident happened on that night which staff was present on duty I want to meet them The head says I appreciate your feelings Dr Singh but we cannot give you permission to interrogate our staff Jagya says to head so you don’t want Ganga to get justice ? The head says for that there is police and legal system let them do their job Jagya looks at inspector sitting with him The inspector says to head I want to talk with those people who were on duty that night The management staff is shocked and look at each other’s faces They have to give the permission
Next its Jagya , along with police inspector and Ravi with nurses and ward boys who were on duty that night Swami is too in them Jagya says to them you all know Ganga you all must know what happened that night The nurse who was consoling Ganga that night tells Jagya Sir rape attempt definitely was done on her I have seen Ganga It did not seem from any angle she was doing drama The head nurse says to Jagya Sir we all know Ganga is a very nice and honest girl she cannot steal anything Jagya asks from head nurse can you say this in front of everyone ? All nurses and ward boys bend their heads down they cannot do this All are nervous Jagya requests to the nurses please she is also a woman like you all , a mother God forbid what happened with Ganga it would happen with any other Jagya asks from staff if you know Ganga is telling the truth then won’t you help me in proving her innocent ?The staff is scared and do not answer They keep their heads down signaling they cannot do this Jagya looks at inspector who gestures him nothing can be done now and leaves from there Ravi too leaves Jagya looks towards staff once again who are standing with their heads bend down they cannot help Disappointed Jagya too leaves from there Swami runs after Jagya and stops him outside the room Sir one minute Swami tells Jagya everyone likes Ganga a lot and everyone is feeling bad but still everyone won’t go against the management because we run our houses from this job that we do here we all have families and children. Now Sir only you can save Ganga .Swami requests to Jagya to save Ganga by folding his hands in front of him Jagya assures him he will try his best by putting hand on Swami’s shoulder
Just then Jagya eyes fall upon the CCTV camera there and he understands
Ganga is alone sitting in the jail crying
Kesar Bagh:-
Shiv returns home from work quite sad Anandi is setting some clothes Shiv sits on bed with her but does not say anything Anandi is worried Shiv holds his head like he is having head ache Anandi asks from him what happened Shiv Are you having head ache ? Anandi takes the balm and massages Shiv’s forehead Shiv stops her and says mom told me she talked with you about Sanchi Anandi nods her head in yes Shiv says I also talked with Sanchi and she is accepting her mistake Anandi I think we should give her a chance I know she is immature , impulsive but her heart is clean She has nothing bad against anyone in her heart and Anandi you know how much she loves Jagdish and she is changing herself so much to adjust with that family Anandi we should convince Jagdish anyhow whatever he heard that day it was childishness of Sanchi and he should forgive her for this mistake Anandi please now Sanchi’s life , her future , her happiness is in your hands only please Anandi are you understanding what I am saying . Anandi is under pressure confused does not know what to say
KPS Hospital :-
Jagya reaches there with police Ravi is also with him Jagya shows the police the CCTV camera They all go to the records room A ward boy sees it and informs Balachandran In records room the in charge tells police and Jagya of course there are CCTV cameras in every room but what will happen with it Jagya asks from in charge there if there are CCTV cameras in all rooms of hospital then it must be in store room too? The in charge is nervous and does not know what say and is doing yes no mmm The inspector strictly asks him yes or no ? The in charge scared from police says yes sir follow me come sir He takes them with him and shows them the recording of that night The hospital management staff is also with them The store room’s recording finally comes and it shows how Balachandran tried to rape Ganga and how she saved herself by hitting Bala and runs from there Jagya is very angry seeing it The management staff look at each other’s faces Jagya sees Balachandran from behind the curtains trying to see what is going on there .Jagya is very angry and shouts at Bala. Seeing him angry Bala runs from there Jagya , Ravi and police after him Finally Jagya catches Bala and slaps him hard. Jagya beats Bala All hospital staff gather there. Jagya is beating Bala angrily and says to him How dare you do this with Ganga. The police inspector and Ravi stop Jagya holding him The inspector tells Jagya don’t take law in your hands .Jagya stops The inspector orders the police to arrest Bala The police do so. Bala is angrily glaring at Jagya The inspector orders the police to take him away The police do so. Bala keeps glaring at Jagya angrily while the police takes him away .Swami is very happy finally justice prevailed .The hospital management is ashamed The police inspector says to the management staff you all deliberately misguided the police There will case against you all too The management staff is ashamed

The inspector apologizes to Jagya sorry Dr Singh and Thank you Jagya nods its ok Swami too thanks Jagya
Police Station:-
The lady constable comes to Ganga and tells her happily you can go to your home now Ganga is surprised and very happy too She then sees Jagya coming towards her BG starts Saiyaan meray Saiyaan The constable leaves Ganga emotionally sees Jagya coming towards her She comes out of Jail and looks at him emotionally She is emotionally happy seeing him She runs to him and stops in front of him Jagya spreads his arms for hug Ganga is very emotional She runs into his arms and hugs him Ganga is crying Feeling her solace her comfort in his arms Trying to relieve her pain what she has gone through
But then reality comes it was only her imagination when she hears Mannu’s voice calling her Maa Actually she is still standing in jail with the door open and Jagya is coming towards her holding Mannu Jagya comes to her Ganga is emotionally happy seeing them She cannot control her tears and is crying Jagya wipes her tears Ganga tries to touch Jagya’s feet in gratitude Jagya stops her gesturing with his head No. Jagya gives Mannu to Ganga Ganga emotionally hugs Mannu kisses him Mannu kisses her Jagya smiles seeing this

Ganga’s home:-
Jagya is doing Ganga’s packing Ganga saying to him but doctor sahab Jagya firmly says to her how many times you will ask same question from me and how many times I will have to tell you you will not stay here now I have decided you are going with me to Jaitser now there won’t be anymore argument on this topic The talk finished Ganga again says but Jagya firmly stops her with his hands gesture Stop no buts .Ganga is speechless now
Jagya says to Mannu come Mannu lets go to our home Mannu smiles Ganga too smiles seeing Mannu happy Jagya starts packing again and finishes it Ganga smiles
Episode ends on Ganga

Voice over:- The feeling of oneness is something if a person develops for someone then he feels relief after removing the pain of that person It brings to his heart clam , peace and joy

Precap : – Jagya stops Ganga in front of Shekhars and Singhs and tells her I won’t let you go anywhere this time He confesses his love to her I love you He takes her in front of devi maa and fills her maang by taking vermilion from there Shekhars along with Sanchi see it and are shocked black white. Singhs are shocked black white. AnSh are shocked black and white

Update Credit to: kikyo

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