Balika Vadhu 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 26th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Nandu playing cricket in school premises. The ball hits Pasha. Nandu goes to get the ball and sees Pasha. Anandi asks the servant about the family members. He replies they are resting. Shiv asks her to rest and he will do the office work in study room. As Shiv is going to the study, he looks at the family photos on the wall and recalls Sarla’s words. He recalls the happy moments spent with his family and gets emotional and teary eyed. Pasha gives the ball to Nandu, Nandu thanks him. Pasha asks about the pichola talaab, Nandu replies but it is not here. Pasha starts coughing, Nandu goes to get water for him. He gives water and Pasha drinks it. Nandu offers his tiffin box, Pasha eats it quickly as if he is hungry since days. Nandu asks him about his name and says he will give them clothes if he comes to his badi haveli. Pasha pats on Nandu’s face and smiles.

Meenu asks Mahi to get chocolates for Saachi. Daddu asks him to get cake, balloons, and ribbons. Mahi agrees. Alok and Ira come there, Ira asks, what you are talking about? Daddu says he isn’t hiding anything. Alok tells that he needs to go to meet his client and he will return soon. Saachi asks for Saurav. Ankita teases her. Saurav comes back and says he brought the surprise. He shows the bear to his friends. everyone gets happy including Saachi. He asks the waiter to get the opener. Saurav asks Saachi to drink it. Some guy tells her that Saurav is a real rockstar. Manager comes and says alcohol is not allowed here. Saurav asks him to shut up and get an opener. Everyone drinks the bear. Saachi asks, what if Police caught you? Saurav says his brother is a big lawyer and he can’t get caught. Ankita says Saurav drives the bike very fast. She asks Saurav to take Saachi on a drive. Saurav and Saachi are about to leave on a bike, just then Mahi comes on his bike and sees them together. Ankita tells Saurav that he is Saachi’s brother. Mahi leaves. Saachi and Saurav goes on a drive.

Alok comes to Sarla’s house. She tells him that Shiv is worried about his identity and Anandi is tensed about Shiv. She says she was about to tell the truth but hided it as she recalled his words that Ira can’t take it. She says Shiv threatened her also. But I stopped myself. Alok thanks her and says Shiv and Anandi can come again here. He asks her to she was somewhere else before. Sarla says she was in calculta at her son’s house and this house is her husband’s. Alok requests her to go back to calcutta and says he would be thankful to her. He says what will shiv and Anandi do if you are not here. Sarla agrees and says she is ready to go. And she don’t want anything in return. She says whatever she is doing is for humanity and for Ira. She assures him that she will go at the earliest. Alok thanks her.

School Watchman finds Pasha sleeping in the premises. He asks him to get up. Pasha raise his hand on him angrily. Watchman gets shocked. Alok comes to Meenu’s room and says he went to meet Sarla. She said Anandi and Shiv went to her. She didn’t tell anything. Meenu says, why this hidden truth came out and says it is because of the hospital function. Alok says we are only to be blamed. he says Sarla is ready to go to her son’s place and then Shiv and Anandi’s will not know truth. Meenu asks Alok, whether Anandi knows about the truth. Shiv is tensed these days. Alok says he can’t think so. Just then Anandi comes and it seems she hears everything. Alok and Meenu are shocked.
To protect himself and his loves ones from the aggression, human wants the truth to be hidden and for this he tries his level best.

Ganga says Almond is good for health in winter season. Gehna says it is good in pregnancy and she used to eat a lot of almonds during her pregnancy. Other side, Shiv stops his jeep and tells Anandi that he can’t act to be the elder son of the family any more. He is determined to know the truth about his real identity.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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