Balika Vadhu 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 26th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Anandi greeting Dadisaa and Bhairov. Ira asks them to sit and says we felt happy to see you. Anandi says, you didn’t inform me on phone that you are coming. Dadisaa says if we would have informed you then we could not have seen your smile which you have it now. Dadisaa says, are we guests to inform every time we come. Ira says, this is your house, you can come at any time. Bhairov says we went for darshan and thought to meet you while returning. Dadisaa gives the prasad. Dadisaa looks at the house and asks about other family members? She asks, did they went somewhere? Anandi says Delhi and Alok says Jaipur. Anandi says everyone have went to Jaipur and then will go to Delhi. Shiv calls Alok and says reports have come and it is medically proved that chote papa

is a member of our family. Alok is happy and smiles. Alok breaks the news that DNA test reports proved him true. Everyone smile. He says I got my brother back. Dadisaa and Bhairov looks clueless and surprised. Alok thanks God. Dadisaa asks, Anoop is your younger brother naa, it means Shiv’s uncle is alive. Alok says, yes we came to know about him just yesterday. Ira tells Dadisaa that Alok is not Shiv’s father and Shiv is actually Anoop and Meenu’s first child. Dadisaa is surprised. Ira says we should not hide anything from you and goes to get tea. Anandi says, Shiv is born to choti maa and tells everything.

Rajeev says, it is proved that Anoop is your son and a army officer. We have to ask him further questions and until the authorities release him I will take care of him. Meenu and Daddu says, we will not leave him alone. Rajeev asks Shiv to stay back. Mahi says I will stay with papa. Shiv says I will use my offs. Daddu says, I think we shall go back to make the arrangements for Anoop’s welcome and asks Mahi and Shiv to stay back.

Anandi says, Pasha is none other than Chote papa. Dadisaa says, that day, he came infront of our jeep. Bhairov says, he was in our hospital and we didn’t know about his identity. And Jagya and Ganga took care of him and they had a good bonding with him. Dadisaa says everything will be changed for everyone. Anandi prays for family’s happiness. Dadisaa asks her to pray and take care of everyone. Meenu comes to meet Anoop and says, I got food for you. Anoop says I don’t want to eat. Meenu says, I got baigan ka bharta and laison ka Acchar..Anoop eats it and says it is good. Meenu gets tears in her eyes. He asks her to eat and gives her a bite. Meenu gets tears with happiness.

Dadisaa tells Ira that I can understand what you might have gone through after knowing the truth. She tells about Kanhaji’s birth. She tells her that Basant is not her son and he is actually her sister in law’s son. She says, after knowing the truth also, he continues to love me and lives with me. She says, giving upbringing to a child is also a big thing and the child understands this. She asks Ira to remove the fears from the heart. She says Shiv will love you always. Ira thanks her for opening her eyes. Ira touches her feet and says you make me understand like a mother. Dadisaa blesses her and says we will leave now.

Dadisaa tells everyone that Shiv’s father has returned after a long time and I prays to God for the family’s happiness. Jagya asks Dadisaa about Anandi. Dadisaa says everything is fine. And says I have to go to the hospital for the emergency case. jagya asks Ganga to give the jeep keys. Ganga goes slowly. Jagya asks her to get fast as it is a emergency case.He says I will get it myself. Dadisaa thinks why Gangs is walking slowly so consciously.

Daddu and Meenu returns home. Alok hugs Daddu and Ira hugs Meenu. Daddu says, it is proved that he is our Anoop but there is some formalities to be done. He will come with Shiv and Mahi. Ira says, it might be difficult for you to go infront of Anoop. And asks, did he remember anything? Meenu says, he didn’t recognise me. Daddu says, Doctor said it will take time for him to become normal. Ira says he will recollect everything after coming home.


Ira gives the sindoor/vermillion to Meenu. Meenu applies sindoor on her forehead. Anoop is seen with clean shaven look wearing shirt and formal pant,it seems he got his memory back…. Shiv and Mahi smiles. Basant suggests, we shall go to the Ram Rajeshwar yatra. Bhairov says we will go together. Dadisaa agrees. Ganga is tensed.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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