Balika Vadhu 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 25th September 2013 Written Update


Police station:-

Ganga is sadly sitting in Jail .The lady police inspector opens the lock up Ganga is happy seeing Ghanshyam Kaka with Mannu there . Mannu calls Ganga Maa Ganga emotionally takes Mannu from Kaka and hugs him She kisses Mannu Mannu kisses her in return on both cheeks The lady police inspector and Kaka are emotionally seeing this . Inspector tells Ganga you have only five minutes to meet with your child Ok . Saying so she leaves from there Ganga asks from Kaka did Mannu eat something ? Has she drunk milk ? Kaka emotionally says what i can tell you Ganga , He has been crying from night , he was only taking your name , he has not eaten anything , i tried to pacify him a lot but .. Ganga is very emotional hearing it . Kaka tells her thats why

i brought his food with me so that he will eat from your hands . Ganga lovingly says to Mannu you are good son now we will eat food

Ganga sits with Mannu Kaka too sits with them and open the tiffin Ganga feeds Mannu Mannu happily eats from Ganga’s hands Ganga and Kaka are very emotional seeing it Mannu takes a piece of paratha and feeds Ganga . Ganga emotionally eats from Mannu’s hands and kisses him After Ganga has fed Mannu she asks Kaka to take Mannu to home now , this place is good for him

Ganga loves Mannu and says to him now you go to home with Kaka your maa will come back home soon to you then we will play a lot Mannu kisses Ganga Ganga and Kaka are very emotional Ganga gives Mannu to Kaka Kaka takes him and goes from there Mannu is innocently doing bye bye to Ganga Ganga tries to smile seeing Mannu suppressing her pain The lady police inspector comes and locks the jail door . Ganga is crying seeing Kaka with Mannu leaving

Ganga questions to god Did i do so many sins in my previous birth that my life is ending but my sorrows are not ending ?and my innocent child what wrong he did of anyone what sin he did he is also suffering so much with me? After leaving everything behind i was about to start a new life but again ..Why god why ?why ? Ganga is crying

Just then she hears some foot steps approaching her She looks up. BG song Saiyaan starts playing . Ganga sees its Jagya coming towards her Jagya comes to Ganga Ganga is very emotional seeing him

Kesar Bagh:-

Psycho Sanchi is sitting her room Sanchi is remembering Anandi’s words to her Like Jagya i also know the truth whatever wrong you said against Dadisaa , Bapusaa , Maa and Badi Haveli Jagya heard everything Sanchi recalls her own words to her family whatever Bhabhi said is true i said all that but that was not truth only a drama that i was forced to do in front of my friends Sanchi recalls Ira ‘s words to her To keep friendship with your stupid friends you put those people at stake with whom you wanted spend your life Sanchi recalls Daddu’s words you did not only hurt Jagdish but made us all ashamed too you made us do such big mistake She recalls her own words to Daddu i did a mistake but please you all make Jagdish understand anyhow , stop him , i will not able to live without him Everyone’s words are revolving in Sanchi what she said to them and they said to her Sanchi gets up from her bed and puts hands on her head to stop the voices revolving in her head Sanchi is crying now and scolds herself what had happened to me? In whatever condition i am today its all because of my own stupidity Sanchi then says and above all my that detective Bhabhi Anandi Her eyes are always on me , where i am going, what i doing she keeps check of everything She does not want to see me happy But i won’t let Anandi Bhabhi win at any cost Thankfully today i handled everything , i convinced everyone whatever i said against Jagdish ‘s family in that restaurant was not true i only said that to make my friends happy To save myself from their comments The way i made my family members believe me today same way i will have to with Jagdish and his family because i won’t let anyone come between my love and my future To get my destination i will do anything no matter what I won’t accept defeat Never I will get my love at any cost

Some one knocks at the door Sanchi stops her monologue and sits on her bed again and says come in Its Shiv He comes inside Sanchi is crying Seeing Shiv she hugs him and starts crying more Shiv consoles her Sanchi says to Shiv its all my fault i should not have done this My own words the lie i said in front of my friends became such a big punishment for me See Bhaiyaa Jagdish refused to marry me Shiv wipes Sanchi’s tears and says to her i can understand Sanchi how you must be feeling but i must say you showed a lot Bachpana ( childishness ). When you decided you want to marry Jagdish then insecurity for what ?How does it matter what people think and say ? Jagdish is your choice right? Sanchi nods her head in yes Shiv says then why you could not change your few friends opinion for him ?and Sanchi there is nothing to be ashamed to live in a village Our country’s 70 % population live in villages You should be proud of this that you have decided after marriage you will live with your husband in a village

Sanchi says you are right Bhaiyaa i have understood that i was so wrong If there would any other person instead of Jagdish he would have also thought same i was doing drama so far but Bhaiyaa if Anandi Bhabhi would have come to me right there and try to clear the misunderstanding then all this would never have happened Bhabhi knows very well how much i have changed myself for Jagdish Shiv goes in thinking hearing it Sanchi then says but yes after hearing all that Bhabhi must be shocked too she would not be able to think i was just doing drama in front of my friends to make them happy thats why even Bhabhi is also not at fault its only my fault Sanchi then asks from Shiv what you think should i talk with Jagdish and tell him all this ? Shiv says absolutely Sanchi Before he gets to know the truth from someone else its better you yourself tell him everything and accept your mistake You should talk to Jagdish and don’t worry your Shiv Bhaiyaa is with you All misunderstandings will be cleared everything will be sorted Shiv hugs Sanchi Sanchi smiles After consoling Sanchi Shiv goes from there .

Mangalore :-

Police Station:-

Jagya is sitting with Ganga in visiting to prisoners room Jagya asks from Ganga so much happened and you did not even inform me ?Ganga says i first thought about you doctor sahab but then . Both become silent now Jagya says to Ganga you decided to stay here in your stubborness thats why this all happened if you would have listened to me then you would not be in this condition today , Ganga is guilty Jagya says but you did not want to come to Jaipur Ganga says emotionally it was not my stubborness doctor sahab My job was fixed here thats why i thought ..Jagya says you got job later and not through on campus interview Ganga is shocked hearing he knows the truth Jagya ‘s mobile rings He takes it out of his pocket and sees its Sanchi calling him He does not attend the call The mobile keeps ringing Ganga is able to see the name on call Sanchi Ganga says sometimes for the better of everyone one has to lie Jagya cuts Sanchi’s call He says to Ganga i agree to that but not between you and me In between us there should not be any place for lie Ganga looks at up Both have an eyelock Ganga emotionally says i am worried for Mannu a lot He did not sleep whole night Jagya says you dont worry about Mannu I will take care of him Now to free you from this false blame , have to prove you right , its my responsibility Ganga emotionally looks at him

The lady jailer comes and tells them time is over . Ganga does not want to go but has to go BG Saiyaan Jagya keeps looking at her leaving Ganga stops at door , turns back and emotionally looks at Jagya Tears flow down from eyes and then she leaves from there She is crying Jagya again gets Sanchi’s call He switches his mobile phone off and leaves from there

Kesar Bagh:-

Sanchi is tensed and says he disconnected my call Now Jagdish won’t even talk with me Sanchi looks at Jagya photo in her mobile and emotionally talks with the photo i know i hurt you a lot i accept whatever you heart in restaurant was true but Jagdish this is also true i love you very very very much For my love’s sake at least talk to me once please Sanchi is crying Sanchi continues her talking to Jagya’s photo After marriage how we will live , where we will live and with whom we will live we can decide that later too but first let our marriage happen but you did not even let me say anything and on your own you decided everything that you won’t marry me Jagdish you know i cannot live without you then how can you go so far away leaving me Sanchi hugs Jagya’s photo ( hugs her mobile )and cries bitterly and says you can’t you can’t Jagdish Sanchi then says to herself from whom i should ask help I created such big problem for me with my own mistake who can correct it ?

Badi Haveli:-

Dadisaa and Gehna are sitting together Dadisaa says whats going on Jagdish’s mind no body knows even that now Gehna says i feeling bad after thinking only this that if this alliance broke our family’s name will be destroyed and who will be affected the most by it will be Jagya He won everyone’s trust back with so much efforts and hard work that trust will taken away from him Gehna is emotional Gehna says thinking about this only i am very worried for him Maasaa and i am feeling very bad seeing jiji like this too she is suffocating from inside

Sumitra comes there and says there is someone else too about whom we should be worried Gehna Gehna and Dadisaa are confused Sumitra starts her Anandi jaap after Jagya’s this decision Anandi’s married life , her happiness , her future is in danger She is daughter in law of that house With break up of this alliance fingers will be raised on her No matter one say how much but a daughter in law is a daughter in law No body will see sorrow of a daughter in law in front of the daughter of the house Whatever Jagya did after that they will curse us for few days and then forget but Anandi will face their anger and taunts all her life

Dadisaa says my mind has frozen i cannot understand anything Dadisaa emotionally says i thought after a long time Jagdish will find his peace and happiness in his life He will be married then his life will get all happiness but now i cannot understand what to think

Sumitra gets Sanchi’s call on her mobile and she is panicked its Sanchi’s call and tells this to Dadisaa Dadisaa and Gehna are shocked Sumitra says she will ask why Jagya did this what i will answer her Maasaa How will i say to her even we don’t know Sumitra angrily says how i will tell that after breaking alliance with you he has gone straight to Mangalore to help that Ganga Sumitra emotionally says No Maasaa i won’t be able to talk to her Sumitra cuts Sanchi’s call and is crying

Kesar Bagh:-

Sanchi is tensed and says even Maa is not talking with me She use to show off so much she loves me so much How much laadli i am of her now where is that love ?Did Jagdish tell everything to his family ?O God it means whole family is against me now Now what i should do ? How i should convince them all She is crying Just then she receives Sumitra’s call Sanchi says seeing it Thank God but i will have to talk very carefully with her

Kesar Bagh and Badi Haveli:-

Sanchi attends the call and starts her drama crying Thanks Maa you called me back I thought you too don’t want to talk to me even you don’t want me to come as your daughter in law

Sumitra says emotionally No Sanchi why are you saying this i have been waiting for that day when you will come in this house as daughter in law of this house Sanchi is happy thinking Maa is fine she is not angry with me means situation is not this bad Sanchi continues her drama see Maa what happened Sumitra says No Sanchi don’t cry, you don’t worry i am here i will talk with Jagya make him understand see Sanchi everything will be alright Sanchi says please Maa do something Only you can do something please make Jagdish understand I won’t be able to live without him i will die Sanchi cuts the call saying this

Sumitra is shocked open mouthed hearing it

Sanchi says to herself I hope to influence maa this was enough

Dadisaa and Gehna ask from shocked Sumitra what happened Sumitra tells them Sanchi is saying she will die without Jagya she won’t be live without him she will die if this marriage did not happen Dadisaa and Gehna are shocked . Sumitra says what i should do ? how can i help Sanchi ? Sumitra is crying Dadisaa is lost in thoughts

Episode ends on Dadisaa

Voice over :- Many times in difficult situations sometimes even old people cannot find out the truth beneath the hidden layers of lies Their eyes too fail to see the truth

Precap :- ira requesting to Anandi i have full trust that if you will make them understand they will listen to you After all you are daughter of that house They cannot say No to you They ask your advice in everything You will have to do this for my Sanchi

Shiv saying to Anandi now Sanchi’s life , her future , her happiness is your hands i hope you are understanding what i am saying

Some Pooja is going in Badi Haveli Many people are there Ganga is going away from Badi Haveli Jagya stops her Ganga says to him you have no right to stop me Jagya says to her i won’t let you go anywhere this time He takes her in front of Devi maa and confesses his love to her I love you He takes vermilion from the temple and fills her maang Singhs are shocked seeing it

Update Credit to: kikyo

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