Balika Vadhu 24th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 24th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shamer Bhai coming to haveli. They welcome him. Jagya introduces his family to Shamer Bhai. He says I didn’t know that I will be coming so soon. He tells about one farmer problem in Jaitsar. Dadisaa says, you seems to be more experienced. Jagya gets impressed by him. Sumitra says, she will bring tea and breakfast. Shamer Bhai says, I drink and eat less. Bhairov asks, how do you manage to eat less. He says, one should eat less so that others can eat that.

Dadisaa says, you said the right thing. I will try to walk on this path. Shamer Bhai asks her to free her soul from the past. Dadisaa asks, what do you mean? Shamer Bhai says, you can tell us better what is bothering you. He says, I can read the person’s face. He gives her some recorder with mantras. Shamer Bhai says, I will stay in Jaitsar for few days. Jagya invites him to his hospital. Shamer Bhai leaves. Sumitra says, he is very spiritual man. Dadisaa looks on.

Saachi asks Vivek, what are you thinking? Just then Suman comes to Vivek and says I can’t bear if you leave us this time. She asks Saachi to make Vivek understand that Saurabh is his younger brother and her son. He says, I can’t be away from my sons. Both are my sons. She tells Saachi that she is seeing that she has moved on and trying to unite the family. She asks Vivek to forget the past and move on. Vivek looks at his mom. She asks, am I wrong? She sheds some fake tears and goes.

Vivek asks Saachi, do you really want to forget your past or Maa wants to force you to forget it. Saachi says, I couldn’t forget it, but maa wants to live with her son. Vivek says, we will live from this house. Saachi says, I don’t want our relation to break with mom and dad. I knew I thought I have to face Saurabh some day. Saurabh is my biggest fear, I want to face it and come out. Vivek asks her to stay with her parents until Saurabh is there in the house. Saachi says, I will tell you, but not now. They hug.

Jagya gets warm welcome by his hospital staff. Jagya gives the speech and says I am your old Dr. Jagdish. I will try to fulfill the new responsibility. Lal Singh says, I am very proud of him. I have seen him from his childhood. He has achieved this position with his hardwork and dedication. I am proud of him. Jagya hugs Lal Singh.

Suman tells her plan to Saurabh and tells him how she trapped Saachi with her words. Saurabh says, it is my turn now. I will take revenge from her. I am waiting for Vivek Bhaiyya to go to office. Suman asks him to be careful with his doings. She asks him not to do anything with Saachi. Saurabh starts packing her bags and says I will go to Jail. He says, she ruined my life. I came to take revenge here. I am not interested in saas bahu revenge. I want to take big revenge from her. Don’t you want her to cry.

Suman says, I want her to go away from Vivek’s life. I will make her go from this world. He says, I will go near her and make her feel bad. Suman says, I am ready to do as you says. Don’t leave me. Saurabh says, just see what I do with Saachi. I will make Vivek Bhai feel that Saachi didn’t forget me even after marrying him. He says, once Vivek is convinced then he will ruin Saachi.

Jagya is talking to Ganga. Ganga stops him and says I want to talk to you about Dadisaa. She tells him that Dadisaa have been seeing blood on her hands. Shamer Bhai listens to them quietly. She says, I heard her voice and tells everything. She says, Dadisaa could not forget it. Jagya says, we have to do something. I will talk to a psychiatrist. Ganga sees someone hearing their conversation and comes out. She sees Shamer Bhai going. She wonders why he left without meeting Jagya.

Amol’s ball falls on the green chilli’s plate and it falls on Subhadra’s face. Subhadra is about to feed chillies to Amol. Amol shouts no. Anandi comes and stops Subhadra. Anandi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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