Balika Vadhu 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 24th June 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 24th June 2013 Written Update

AT haveli, ganag gave water to bhairon n basant who just returned from police station. Bhairon said they informed them abt rattan singh but police has no clue. He might hide somewhere. Sumi panicked thinking now he may attack again!she wonder y they took risk unnessarily. Ganag bit surprised. Sumi turned her face away from her. Basant consoled all that they got security but ganag still worried.

AT KB, dadu was joking abt his younger days how popular he was among girls. All had some fun time with each other.Alok came there n informed that in evening he got a rista from his childhood frd rishab. His frd proposed rista of her son mihir for saanchi. Ira said saanchi is still styuding. Alok said theya re no hurry for marriage. Mihir will go to Australia tomorrow. So they want to meet today. And saanchi n mihir can know each other better till saanchi’s completion of study. All agreed.

AT College, Saanchi was saying her frds how she impressed J’s family. At that time ira called her n asked her to come fast.Meenu asked y didn’t ira informed her abt mihir. Ira said the unfortunate incident’s memory is still fresh that’s y she did tell her. Anandi was bit worried. Saanchi noticed a tattoo on her frds’ arm. Her frd said her name is started from same letter as her BF that’s y her family didn’t suspect her. Saanchi immediately asked her frd where this tattoo can be done.

Anandi asked shiv to wear the coat. Shiv said he looks like collector in that n he wants to looks like a brother only. He got very excited n nervous abt saanchi’s rista. Anandi assured that everything will be fine n she knows how much he loves his sister. Shiv got bit emotional thinking abt their childhood memories.

Shiv continued that he stayed away from home due to study n posting in jobs. But he always knows what saanchi is doing in her life. Every tiny thing he always knows. Suddenly today after hearing saanchi’s rista from his father, he is bit taken aback. She is still very immature. He hopes she will get a husband who wud have lots of patience n will understand her. Ananadi assured him. He was abt to come down but stopped and said what anandi said saanchi’s feeling abt j will be diverted due to this rista. Anandi nodded. Shiv went down. Anandi was still worried n prayed to god that saanchi n j are not made for each other. N hopefully mihir n saanchi will like each other at 1st meet.

Precap- Mihir n his family arrived. Mihir’s father asks saanchi she will have to settled in Australia after marriage. Saanchi gets a shock n shouts she will not marry mihir as she loves someoneelse. All shocked. Ira asks who is he. Saanchi replied she loves jagdish. All stunned.

Update Credit to: Khushi

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