Balika Vadhu 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 24th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Mahi getting emotional on hearing about his father Anoop being alive and in army’s custody. He says, don’t they know he is Indian like us and feels bad for him. Anandi tells Daddu that we shall inform Shiv. Shiv meets his friend Rajeev and he asks him to bring Anandi next time. Shiv leaves. Mahi calls the office and is informed that Shiv went to meet his friend at army office. Daddu calls Rajeev and asks him to give the call to Shiv. Rajiv says he has just left. Daddu says, we came to know just now that his father is alive and is taken by the army personnel to Delhi. Rajeev asks, whom are you talking about? Daddu says I am talking about Pasha. Rajeev runs to inform Shiv. Shiv is going out of the office. Rajeev comes and gives the call to Shiv. Daddu tells

Shiv about the Jaitsar attack because of pasha. Shiv says I saw him just now. Daddu says it is destiny and says Pasha is none other than Anoop Shekhar, your father and my son. Shiv is shell shocked and recalls his meeting with Pasha and the phone drops from his hand. Shiv asks, is he my papa? Daddu says yes.

Ganga left Mannu with Nandu. Nandu shows how to play the game. Mannu breaks his video game. Nandu shouts on him and gets angry. Gehna comes and scolds Nandu for speaking badly with Mannu. Nandu leaves angrily. Ganga asks Gehna that Mannu was at fault. Gehna says Nandu have to control his anger and this is not the right way to talk to anyone.

Shiv looks at Pasha from the window glass and recalls Daddu’s words that Pasha is your father. Shiv says he is my father. Rajeev asks him to meet Pasha. Shiv says no, I am making myself belief that it is reality and he is actually my father. He says, there can’t be any surprise, any happiness other than this. He says, I will meet him after understanding myself. Rajeev says, I understand.

Daddu says, we took long time to get out that loss. We came to know that he died while fighting with the enemies. We identified him with his uniform and he died as a martyr. He says, Anoop is found and God has proved that if he wants any miracle could happen.

Everyone smiles with tears in their eyes. Daddu says we have found him. I am eager to meet my son and hug him. He asks Meenu and Mahi to accompany him. Alok says I will book your tickets to Delhi. Mahi says, whenever I needed Papa, I glanced at Daddu and Alok bade papa. He says,but you were alone, when people introduced you as a widow. You were always calm. I am happy that I got my family but I am more happy for you. Meenu hugs him and cries.

Nandu is in his room and vent out his anger on the things. Ganga comes with mask and tickles him. Nandu smiles, Ganga says I will get a video game for you and asks him to apologize to Gehna. Nandu says, I am sad as she scolded me. Ganga make him understand that he should say sorry. Nandu agrees. Gehna comes, Nandu goes and hugs her. He says sorry. Gehna says your bapusaa will get a video game for you. Nandu gets happy. Gehna says, you made him understand well. Ganga says, I talked to him like kids do. Gehna says your thinking is like Anandi. Ganga asks her not to scold him infront of anyone.

Meenu looks at her colourful sarees and wonders what to wear. Ira comes and asks her to pack her stuff. Meenu says I want to meet him wearing the colour of his choice. She says I can’t wear colourful clothes now in this age. She says I don’t know what to do. Meenu says, Anoop will look at you lovingly like before. Meenu cries.

Rajeev tells Shiv that your father didn’t know anything about his past life. Shiv enters his room. Pasha/Anoop looks at him. Anoop says, I identified you. Shiv is surprised and shocked.

Meenu, Mahi and Daddu enters the room and look at Anoop. He gets up. Shiv says your family came to meet you. Can you identify them? Daddu hugs him emotionally. Meenu touches his feet with teary eyes and asks him to bless her saying I am your wife..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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