Balika Vadhu 23rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhiraj coming home through the window secretly. Harki thinks some goon is entering and tries to hit him with wooden rod, but Akhiraj holds her hand and tells it is him. He asks her to close the door. Harki closes the door and asks what happened to him. Akhiraj tells Jagya is responsible for his condition and holds Harki’s neck asking who told Jagya about me. Harki cries and tells she didn’t know. Akhiraj throws her on ground and wonders who can do this. He thinks Disa telling that she talked to Harki on phone, and asks Harki if she called you on phone. Harki nods no. Akhiraj says it means she has informed Jagya everything. Kundan comes and tells that Disa went to Sanjodi to talk to Jagya and he heard her conversation with Kamli. He says Disa told everything to Jagya.

Akhiraj gets very much angry, takes his sword and goes to kill Disa. Disa tells Kamli that she will talk to Jagya and will ask him about Akhiraj. She sees Akhiraj coming there, with sword in his hand and gets shocked. Akhiraj calls her snake under the sleeve, and says you did wrong by talking to MLA Jagya. He says you will not be saved today. Kamli falls on his feet and asks him not to kill her.

Akhiraj says you made hole in the plate in which you have eaten food. Disa accepts to have informed Jagya and says she has protected her villagers women. She says I am proud of myself and don’t bother if I get death. She says she can’t eat roti made of Adharam. Harki says I will not leave you today. Akhiraj throws Kamli to a side. Nimboli and Urmila looks shocked. Akhiraj says you are very proud of your doings, so I will give you prize. He is about to kill her, just then Nimboli comes and pleads him to leave Disa. Akhiraj says I will kill you also with her. Kundan asks Jagya to kill them. Disa takes Nimboli behind her. Akhiraj is about to kill them, just them Jagya shoots on his hand.

Jagya says you have done one more crime and asks Police to arrest him. He says I am witness also. Harki pleads not to arrest her husband. Akhiraj gets angry at Disa. Disa gives him a good teaching. Akhiraj says I did a big mistake and would have killed you before. He says I would have killed you, but Devi stopped me. Disa tells him that Devi used to come to protect herself from him, and then to protect Nimboli, Kamli etc. She says real devi can’t come because of Rakshas at home. Akhiraj looks stunned. Jagya asks Police to put Akhiraj behind bars. Jagya asks Disa to give statement in the Police station and says he has made all the arrangements. Disa holds her hand and thanks him. Kundan picks up the sword to kill Disa, Nimboli, and Kamli. Harki stops him and says they will take revenge when the right times comes. She asks him to agree. Kundan goes angrily. Harki slaps him and says he will get behind bars too.

Kishore informs Jagya that Kundan tried to molested Nimboli and Akhiraj framed him. Jagya asks the Inspector to arrest Kundan right away. Harki and Kundan are shocked. Jagya asks Disa, if Nimboli’s parents know about Kundan’s doings. Disa says no and tells Jagya about Akhiraj kidnapping Nimboli when she was few months old girl, when her mum stops Kundan’s marriage to happen with some other girl. She shows the stuff which she kept. Jagya is in tears seeing chain with Anandi and Shiv’s pic. Jagya calls Anandi and asks her to come to Jhalra fast. He says your wait is finally over. Anandi realizes that he is talking about Nandini.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks for the quick update. Finally the days comes eagerly waiting for 2mrw’s episode

  2. thank u hasan for fast update

  3. Omg.. Finally nimboli going to meet Anandi.. soo happy ??.. cant wait for tomorrow’s episodee

  4. OMG finally yes

  5. Ultimately Nandini will see good days… for which we have been waiting………….

  6. Finaly its here

  7. Gulcheher Phillips

    Finally you have done the right thing and punished this evil man,excellent episode,thank you for a very good show!

  8. there is a small update in the written update of balika vadhu 23rd sep 2015
    “Kundan asks jagya to kill Disa” its not Jagya it is Akhiraj. You should mention “Kundan asks Akhiraj to kill Disa by holding hand of kamli”

  9. I think this the best serial with strong storyline , best acting and above all no saas bahu

  10. saranya mohan

    please join anandhi and nimboli fast and dont make any twist in that.

  11. My all time favourite serial gearing up fr completion of 2000 episodes. Super excited!!!!!

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