Balika Vadhu 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kundan having food and then leave. Harki calls Nimboli for picking up the utensils. Nimboli says my mum will pick it. Harki scolds her. Nimboli apologizes and picks the utensils. Harki reminds her to keep Gangaur fast for Kundan and asks her not to drink water during fast. Nimboli asks whether husbands keep fast for their wives. Harki gets stunned and asks her not to compare herself with Kundan else she will go to hell directly. Chagani hears them and comes for her help. Nimboli says she will do. She laughs hearing Harki asking her to clean the bed.

Ganga tells Jagya that Abhi did wrong. Jagya says yes. Ganga says Shivam should not tease Abhi, we shall make him understand. I think you shall talk to Anandi ji. Jagya says you loves your son very much, that you oversee his doings. Ganga tells that Abhi is angry. Jagya says we give everything to the kids equally. He says Shivam loves Dadisaa very much. I never saw Abhi sat with her. Ganga says we shall talk to abhi. He is missing your love. Jagya says I am at fault that I am unable to give love to my own son. Ganga gets upset.

Mannu talks to Abhi and says it was good that Bapusaa found Shivam in the jungle at the right time. Abhi says I didn’t think that things would go worse. I didn’t think to hurt him, just wanted to trouble him. Mannu tells that these jokes shouldn’t be done. Abhi tells that he doesn’t like him. Mannu tells the good points about Shivam. Abhi says Bapusaa always praises Shivam. Mannu asks him to do something to uplift in Jagya’s eyes. Abhi asks what? Mannu says you shall apologize to Shivam. Shivam tells Anandi that Abhi should be punished. Anandi says yes, he cried enough and apologizes to us. Mannu comes and says Abhi wants to say something. Abhi comes there. Anandi says you both have grown up and shall not fight with each other. She says it is enough that you are realizing your mistake. She asks them to shake hands and hug each other. Shivam and Abhi hug each other. Abhi thinks he can’t be my friend.

Disa asks Nimboli to have food. Nimboli says she can’t eat. Disa says fast is from morning. Nimboli says food is finished and laughs. Disa goes to kitchen and says nothing is there in the kitchen. She asks her to eat misri/sugar in the kitchen. Nimboli gets scared thinking about Harki’s scolding. Disa asks her to eat and drink water. Disa asks her to wash hands. She makes her eat sugar balls. Nimboli says she don’t want to keep the fast as she doesn’t like Kundan. She asks if I don’t keep this fast, will Kundan die? Disa asks her not to say that. Nimboli says Kundan also gets her scolded and beaten by Harki. Disa asks her to keep quiet and offers to work. Nimboli says she will do the work and leaves.

Mannu tells Abhi that he is waiting for him. Pooja calls Mannu and asks what happened yesterday? Mannu says everything is fine now. Bapusaa gave me the right to handle them. Pooja says you are their big bhaisaa. Anandi calls Mannu, Abhi and Shivam for having food. Mannu disconnects the call and goes. Once Abhi leaves, Shivam enters and says I will arrange your bag with new timetable.

Dadisaa talks on phone and scolds someone. Jagya asks what happened. Dadisaa tells the issue. Jagya says I can understand. Anandi asks them to start having the food. Jagya asks about Ganga. Dadisaa says she left for office early. She says you don’t have time for hospital. Jagya says he is getting busy being MLA. Dadisaa says you did so much for the betterment of Jaitsar village and asks him to spend some time with Ganga. He reminds of Gangaur festival. Jagya says he will try to take the time out. Abhi and Shivam come to have food. Anandi asks them to finish fast. Shivam eyes Abhi.

Anandi is at Shiv’s Niketan. Sarita gives her some file and asks why did you call Pooja? Pooja comes and seems worried. Anandi says I called her to give sooji ka halwa. Pooja thanks her and leaves. Anandi gets Inspector’s call informing her that they got a news from Jhalra village. He tells about a girl and says she might be your daughter Nandini. Anandi is shocked.

Anandi calls Dadisaa and informs her about Inspector’s call. She comes to the Jhalra’s orphanage and sees the girl with hopeful eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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