Balika Vadhu 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 22nd November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ganga instructing the other nurse to give medicines to the patient. Suddenly she gets a vomiting sensation and she goes to the washroom. She recalls the old lady words and thinks she has to find out the real reason behind this vomiting. She thinks whether she is pregnant. The man in shawl gets tantalised by the samosas in the shop as he is very hungry. He comes to the shop and signs that he is hungry. The shop vendor asks him to pay 20 Rs else get out. He pushes him to go. Ganga comes to the hospital pharmacy and takes the pregnancy test kit. She is shocked to find the test positive. She concludes that it means I am pregnant. Doctor saheb didn’t know about my pregnancy from the reports. She thinks she was pregnant before. She recalls jagya’s words that her body is weak for the baby.

She recalls Dadisaa’s wish to see Jagya’s baby. And Sumitra says Ganga will full your wish soon. She recalls Jagya saying he don’t need a baby and he just loves her. She recalls anandi saying that if anything happens to you during child birth then how will jagya cope with. Ganga says God wants me to give heir to the family, fulfill Dadisaa’s wish and God will take care of my baby. It is a matter of few months and then everything will be fine,but I have to hide this from my family. She tells the baby that she will give birth to him.

Alok asks Ira whether Anandi met with Shiv. Alok says he isn’t picking the call and hopes everything is fine. Meenu says there must be a reason else Shiv couldn’t do this as he is matured enough. Daddu thinks Anandi will take care of him. Shiv and Anandi comes home. Ira asks him why he didn’t tell them about his visit to some other place. Shiv stares at her with blank eyes. Alok asks him to tell the problem if any. Shiv thinks whether maa knows that I am not her son. It seems she don’t know anything or else she is showing concern to hide the truth and Papa is also doing the same thing. Ira asks him to speak. Shiv thinks I need to know who I am? He hold her hand and says I want to say something.

He looks at Anandi. Daddu looks on. Anandi says Shiv is worried about the office work and he needs to decide about some work. He wants to talk about that. Ira says ok, we will help him. Daddu asks Anandi to take Shiv inside as he seems to be very tired. Everyone looks at Shiv’s change in attitude. Ganga recalls Jagya’s words and asks the doctor about the precautions, a pregnant lady should have during the pregancy and child birth. She says what she shall do if her uterus is weak. Doctor asks, why she needs to know. Ganga says, just for knowledge.

Doctor says first of all baby’s size is like a ear, then it increases but uterus should have the strength to bear the weight. After 5 months, there is no changes of abortion. She says it is risky if the uterus is weak. Ganga thinks Jagya should not know about her pregnancy until she is 5 months pregnant and seeks God’s blessings. Jagya comes and asks, what are you thinking? Ganga says she was thinking about their problem. Jagya asks her to have the pregnancy control pills. Jagya says they will go home together. Ganga thinks she have to take the support of lie as she wants to fulfilled Dadisaa long desire.

Meenu says She will go with Anandi and gets warm clothes. Daddu asks for cake. Mahi says it will come by evening, Daddu asks him to hide till they give surprise to Ira and Alok on their anniversary. Daddu says he will gift saree to Ira and antics watch to Alok. Mahi asks, about their marriage anniversary. Meenu says it is 37th year of marriage.
Mahi asks Meenu about her marriage anniversary. Meenu feels sad. The man in shawl is running and comes to the temple. Dadisaa and Gehna are providing food to the poor. He signs for the food. Dadisaa recalls him and asks, why you are afraid and says she will help him. He looks at Dadisaa’s face and gets shocked. He runs away without taking food. Mahi says he didn’t mean that and hugs her. Daddu says we planned a big party on their anniversary and Anup died on the anniversary day. Mahi comforts his mom. Ira and Alok come downstairs, Daddu does his poetry. Daddu says he was thinking to share his poetry with Shiv as he seems sad. Ira says Shiv seems to be worried. Alok says he didn’t talk to us. Ira asks Anandi, did he talk to you. Anandi says no and it is about his office work. Ira says we shall talk to him. Daddu says he will do his own work. Anandi thinks he needs your support and everyone will be shattered to know the truth.

When bitter truth comes out, it gives rise to darkness in the inner heart. Efficient person also feels helpless and lonely and cuts off from the outer world.

Dadisaa says she has prepared something special, kacche papete ki sabzi ( papaya curry). She serves to Jagya and Ganga and says it should not be eaten when pregnant. Ganga seems tensed. Shiv and Anandi comes to Nurse Sarla’s home. She is shocked to see them.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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