Balika Vadhu 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Saachi praising Vivek. Vivek gets romantic. Saachi asks him to go to office. Vivek says, you come to my office. He asks her to help him in office. Saachi says, I wants to spend much time with Maa, so that we understand each other. Vivek says, what about your work? You want to do social work also naa. Saachi says, first I will take care of my family then think about social work. Vivek says, ok I will hire some girl to write letters. They hug.

Some people congrats Jagya on becoming MLA. Basant says, I am proud to see him taking an oath. Someone comes and says Shamer Bhai wants to meet you. Jagya says, I don’t know him. He praises Shamer. Basant says, lets meet.

Ira and Alok come to Kabra’s house. Suman looks at them and acts sweetly. Ira greets Roshan. He asks them to sit. Ira asks, where is Saachi? Saachi comes out and sees her parents. She hugs them. Suman praises Saachi infront of Ira. Ira smiles. Suman asks them to have tea. Roshan says, I have to go to office and leaves.

Ira asks Saachi, are you happy here? Saachi says, I am really happy. Alok says, buaji didn’t tell us that you called. Ira asks her to call on her mobile next time. Ira asks about the vegetable dish. Saachi recalls and tells them that everyone like the dish.

Shiv and Rasika are on the way to office after the meeting. Rasika purposely touches Shiv. Shiv gets embarrassed. She invites him for coffee. Shiv says, I don’t mix my professional and personal life. Rasika says ok.

Alok and Ira come back. Daddu asks them about Saachi. Subhadra says, she will settle their soon. Alok and Ira look tensed. Subhadra asks, what happened. Alok gets angry and says Saachi is very happy. He says, Suman made tea for us. He asks, did you need more proof for our happiness and goes to his room. Ira follows him. Subhadra asks, what happened to him.

Door bell rings. Saachi opens the door and sees Saurabh. She recalls the rape incident in a flashback and gets shocked. Saurabh eyes her. He asks her, shall I come in bhabhi ji. Saachi gets angry. He looks at her and says you are looking good than before.

Vivek asks, who is there? He gets shocked to see Saurabh. Saachi holds Vivek’s hands. Vivek gets angry and asks how did you come out of jail. Did you ran away from Jail? Suman comes and Saurabh hugs her. Suman gets emotional. She tells Vivek that Saurabh is your brother. She says, Saurabh have bear the punishment for his crime. Saurabh hugs Roshan. Roshan welcomes him. Rakhi is annoyed with Saurabh and turns her face.

Roshan tells Vivek that Saurabh was out for some days on Suman’s medical grounds (parole). Vivek says, he lied to court. He refuses to leave in the house with Saurabh. Roshan says, he is your brother. He came for few days. I want him to live with his entire family. Suman emotionally blackmails Vivek. Vivek goes to his room angrily. Suman asks Rakhi to check Saurabh’s room. Rakhi goes inside.

Saurabh looks at the house. Roshan asks him to fresh up and hugs him. Saurabh asks Suman to prepare tea. Suman asks Saachi to prepare tea for Saurabh. Saurabh smiles. Suman eyes Saachi and goes inside. Saurabh looks at Saachi and calls her bhabhiji. He asks her to bring tea to his room. Saachi gets upset and tensed.

Ganga asks Jagya about the Rudraraksh in his hand. Jagya says, Shamer bhai gave me. Ganga asks, who is he? Basant praises him.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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