Balika Vadhu 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kundan amd goons beating Kailash mercilessly. Akhiraj asks how dare you helped that Gopal eloped with my daughter. Disa, Nimboli, Harki looks shockingly. Kailash tells the name of the village, where they are staying. Akhiraj asks his goons to beat him more and informs other goons over phone to catch them right now. Nimboli and Disa hear him. Akhiraj asks the goons to bring Kamli home. He turns and sees Pushkar’s dad standing and hearing him. Akhiraj folds his hands and comes to Pushkar’s dad. He says you are here at this time. Pushkar says everyone warned me against you, but I didn’t listen and accepted the proposal. He says I thought of you wrong. She says you hide the fact that your daughter’s affair with someone is going on, and also you hide the fact that your daughter had eloped from home. You have pretended as if everything is fine.

Akhiraj says he doesn’t know anything about his daughter’s affair. He says my daughter is innocent and came under that boy’s talks. Akhiraj is we got the girl and marriage will happen in the evening. Pushkar’s dad breaks the alliance and asks him to return jewellery and bridal clothes. Akhiraj gets shocked. Harki cries. Akhiraj breaks the things in the mandap and take out his turban/pagdi. He says he is taking off pagdi for the first time. He takes oath to wear this pagdi when he kills Kamli and her boyfriend Gopal. Nimboli gets scared and hugs Chagani. Disa is shocked too and prays for her safety. Gopal waits for Kamli and thinks she is saying 2 mins since 15 mins. He goes near the hut and sees Kamli.

Kamli comes out and calls him shameless. Gopal says he didn’t see anything. Kamli gets angry. Gopal apologizes to her. Kamli says I won’t forgive you. You didn’t compliment me, as I wear clothes brought by me. Gopal looks at her smilingly. He compliments her and says he don’t have words for her appraisal. Kamli looks in his eyes. Gopal hugs her.

Jagya and Ganga come home. Ganga thinks about Jagya’s words in the restaurant. She sees Mannu and asks what you are looking at? Mannu turns the album’s page. Ganga is shocked to see Anandi and Jagya’s marriage album. Mannu says it is Bapusaa and Anandi’s marriage pics. Jagya comes and is shocked too. He asks from where did you get it? Mannu says from the store room. Ganga asks who told you about it. Manny says Pooja told me. She didn’t want to tell, but I forced her. He asks why you didn’t tell me. Jagya explains to him that it is life. He says they were small when they got married, but for some reasons that their marriage didn’t work. He says fault was his.

Later Dadisaa got her divorced, and married her to Shivam’s dad. He says he got married to Ganga later. Something happened that made Anandi to stay with them again. Ganga says we didn’t tell you as you are a child. She asks him to think about his career and future. She asks him not to tell anything to Abhi. Jagya says abhi is small and his reaction will be different. Mannu thinks he doesn’t expect this from Jagya. Ganga thinks why did Sarita told Pooja about this. She thinks to confront her and take answer from her.

Harki sees Akhiraj tensed and asks him to return the jewellery and clothes to Pushkar’s family. Akhiraj slaps her hard and says you are looking happy. He asks her to die for giving birth to shameless girl. He says you have died for me. Harki cries.

Disa and Nimboli come to Mela. They hear Kamli’s voice and see Kamli and Gopal. Nimboli goes and runs towards Kamli. Disa tells her that they have come. Akhiraj asks his goons to not let them go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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