Balika Vadhu 21st June 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 21st June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi seeing the purse at Brijesh’s house and thinks she saw it somewhere. Brijesh brings water. Anandi asks, whether this purse is of his wife. Brijesh tells her that they were divorced. Anandi says sorry. Brijesh gets angry. Anandi says, it might be your friend purse. Brijesh says, it is my cousin’s purse. Anandi says, I didn’t understand why you got divorced. Brijesh says, you are very shameless person. She says, less than Rasika though. She says, you didn’t tell me about Rasika. Brijesh says, I won’t change my statement and praises Rasika to be husband loving and good woman. He asks her to go and closes the door.

Rasika comes out and tells Brijesh that Anandi came to enquire about her. She asks, if she gets to know about our relation. Brijesh says, she can’t do anything.

Ganga brings pakodas for everything. Dadisaa says, you just came back from hospital. Basant says, let her work. Makhan Singh comes and says worker came from the godown for some important work. Worker says, 2000 was less in my salary. Basant checks the register and says I cut the money as you took the loan. He says, I paid last month. Basant gets angry and asks him to go. Dadisaa asks him to calm down and tells Murli to recollect. She assures him that they will pay him the money. Murli leaves.

Anandi and Vivek come to Brijesh’s wife neighbour and asks about his wife Sunita. They ask her about Sumita’s contact number. They are being told that they don’t want to say anything as Brijesh is involved. They say Brijesh is very dangerous. Vivek and Anandi look on.

In the court, Judge says, it is very shameful that CCTV footage has been deleted by the police and asks them not to repeat the mistake. He asks defence lawyer Vivek to proceed. Vivek says, one witness came forward. He tells that someone brought kerosene from a tea stall boy and paid 1000 Rs. He says, when Police showed him Narendra’s photo, he said he was someone else who brought the kerosene oil. Vivek says, third person is involved in this crime. Opposition Lawyer says, Narendra ji can buy it from some other place. Vivek says, he paid 1000 Rs for 5 lit kerosene and they argue about it. Judge asks them to present the proofs and take the case forward. Vivek calls Rasika’s ex boss Brijesh Sanghvi.

Brijesh comes to the witness box. Vivek asks him about his divorce. Opposition lawyer says, it is not related to the case. Vivek says, he got divorced when Rasika was his PA. Opposition Lawyer asks the court to stop Vivek. Vivek asks the reason for divorce. Brijesh says, it is personal issue. Vivek says, when Sunita came to know about your affair with Rasika, then you transferred Rasika. Court asks him to show the proofs. Vivek says, he didn’t have.

Court asks the opposition lawyer to question Brijesh. Opposition Lawyer accuses Shiv. He says Shiv made Narendra commit suicide and asks the court to shut the case. Vivek says, it is not proved yet. Judge asks them, did they have any more proofs. Both the lawyers say no. Judge orders Police to enquire about the kerosene brought by the killer and adjourns the case till the next hearing.

Gehna is feeding Bharavi. She sees the register of workers and checks Murli’s account. Basant comes and take the register. He says, I didn’t understand the calculations. Gehna says, I understood it. Basant says, I understand that you are good at maths. I will relieve Munim ji from the job. Ganga comes and hears their conversation. She says, I came to keep Nandu’s books.

Daddu tells that he and Anoop are going to meet their friends. Anoop says, they want to discuss about the case. Shiv says, I have trust on our legal system that I will get justice. Anoop says, it is not bad to try. They leave. Anandi says, everyone is in pain seeing you in trouble. They might be feeling helpless and that’s why trying to help you. Let them try. Sad music plays.

Subhadra says, you really got framed in the case. How will you come out of this mess. Ira comes and says Shiv’s mom is alive. I won’t let anything happen to my son.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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