Balika Vadhu 20th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 20th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi telling Shiv that you shouldn’t have told anything to Subhadra and fears Hardik will tell the family. Shiv says, he won’t say anything. Hardik comes and says he has decided to return to US for forver with Gulli. Anandi asks, so suddenly. Hardik says, he took this decision because of Subhadra and will not changs his decision. Shiv says, this is not good. Anandi asks Gulli to make him understand. Subhadra comes and looks sad. Anandi asks him to give a chance to Subhadra. Hardik tells her that he won’t change his decision. He says, I have resigned from my job and booked our tickets. We just came to inform you both. He gets teary eyed and says Subhadra didn’t leave any option left for him.

Subhadra cries and says I can’t live without you. Please forgive me. You can punish me. I am ready to accept my mistakes. Shiv asks her not to do so. Hardik asks her not to tell to anyone and realize her mistake. Subhadra tries to stop Hardik and asks Gulli to make him understand. Gulli says, I can’t refuse you, but you hurt Hardik very much. He is suffocating here. What shall I do, shall I support you or him. She cries and asks her to tell. Subhadra looks at Anandi and Shiv.

Niranjan looks at the moon from the window and sings a bhagan. Dadisaa and Gehna wake up from sleep and hear it. Dadisaa recalls her decision. Gehna comes back to her bed and sleeps.

Everyone is having breakfast. Gehna asks Dadisaa to eat slow. Ganga tells Jagya that Niranjan is fine now. Dadisaa says, I heard his singing yesterday. Gehna says, he might have practice singing all these years. Dadisaa eats fast as she has to get ready to school. Nandu comes and asks her to come to school. Dadisaa gets up and says she is ready. Nandu goes to bring her shoes. He scolds her for not wearing the shoes. He reminds her that she is a student. They go to school. Jagya, Ganga and Gehna smiles.

Hardik and Gulli take everyone’s blessings. Meenu asks Hardik to take care of Gulli. Daddu says, you are going for your parents and I pray that you get success. Hardik says, I need peace of mind. Subhadra looks down. Ira comes and gives him breakfast. Anandi tells her that Gulli will adjust to the new environment as Hardik is with her.

Gulli hugs Ira, Meenu and Anandi. Anandi blesses her. Gulli and Hardik take Subhadra’s blessings. He asks her to bless them to unite his parents. She asks him not to go. Hardik tells bye to everyone. Shiv hugs him. Hardik and Gulli leaves home. Subhadra cries badly. Daddu tries to pacify her. He asks her to pray for his success. Anandi looks sad.

Teacher asks, what is the difference between ‘to revolve’ and ‘to rotate’? Dadisaa gets up and says she knows the answer. She starts rotating to explain earth rotation. She then explains sun revolving around the earth and says it is revolving. Everyone look at her with surprise. Teacher is speechless too.

Dadisaa’s classmates says what shall we address you. One girl says Dadisaa dost, other says Dado. Dadisaa says, it is good.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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